Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Time!

I love pumpkin. I adore pumpkin. Pumpkin anything - cheesecake, bread, dip for crackers and veg, pancakes, pumpkin and peach soup, you name it, I love it. What I really, really, really CRAVE though, is good old fashioned pumpkin pie. Given a chance, I would eat it year round. Always warm, and with a tiny bit of whipped cream or honey on top. MMMmmmmmm.

There's just one small problem. Somewhere along the line, I missed the pie baking gene. Oh, let me tell you, I can bake. Cut out and hand decorated sugar cookies. Homemade Bread, both quick and yeast. Popovers. Cakes. Muffins. Cinnamon Rolls. You name it and I can bake it. Only, I cannot make pie crust. Have I tried?? You bet I have. Have I asked people for help?? Anytime and every time, even when they laugh and tell me its just, well, so easy!! But in the end, my pie crusts (and the fillings that go in them) always end up tasting like paper.

For someone who loves pies of all kinds, especially the above mentioned pumpkin and lemon meringue (warm, not chilled, even if its a bit runny), its a dilemma. Its also frustrating. Frozen pumpkin pies appear on the shelves each year for about a month. This means that I have to fill my freezer to the extreme that there is nothing else, or only eat pumpkin for one month out of the year. The other alternative is for me to find a really good bakery. I have found one or two, but their choices in pies are rarely pumpkin.

So meanwhile I continue my search for more alternatives (or a really good pie-making teacher), and eat all the pumpkin pie I can get my hands on for the next few weeks. Then I'll return to my back-ups - pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin muffins. A little pumpkin is better than none at all.


  1. Barb, in my case its my crusts. They never turn out properly. I have now started buying Robin Hood Pie Crust Mix, or the frozen ones. Noticed someone put a never fail recipe on the FL forums. Looks interesting so I may give that one a try.

  2. I too cannot make a good pie crust. My mil who makes almost everything cheaply and frugally uses the boughten pie crust. She said they tasted great and were easy to work with, so that's what I use now too.

  3. Thanks for the input ladies. Yes, I admit I do buy the pie crusts (actually, heck, I buy em in the pan most of the time. I've been meaning to try an oil based pat in the pan crust!

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