Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Project Finished

I made this quilt a month ago but didn't take a picture of it, fortunately my daughter took a pic when she gave it to her friend. Kelly is a huge Patriots fan. I started but cutting out the logos from two t shirts and using them as the center of the quilt. The red print on the side has helmets and the word patiriots. It was a square, and because I wanted to make it more oblong, I used another Patriots fabric I found and make a border strip at the top and the bottom only, so now it's 72 by 60 inches. I used an antique quilt stitch on my machine to stitch into the ditch. I made a big "x" in the two long red strips and the large squares on the corners, and did a free motion quilt pattern on the two ends. The one thing I would change is the quilting in the white around the helmets, which you cannot see real well here. It was free motion loops, but the thread is variegated red white and blue. If I had to do it over again I would do it in a single shade. It almost looks like it stops where the thread is white. I then cheated and sewed jelly roll strips in a row in shades of red white and blue to be the binding.

My daughter said that Kelly loved it, it was fun making the quilt. This was to celebrate her birthday and thank her for putting my daughter up on her various visits to Virginia.

I now have two (three) projects ready to go. Ive pinned one of the previously mentioned UFOs, I am in the process of ironing interfacing on my son's t shirts to get that t shirt quilt started and I am working on a graduation collage for him. I have a large picture frame (20x24 I think). One one side I am going to put a large cap and gown picture and then on the other side various small pics-probably one of prom, one of the graduation party maybe and one of Marcus, Katie and mom. I also have some nice stickers, his tassel, and a couple programs. Hopefully it will be a nice memento.


  1. Way to go Barb. That quilt is just gorgeous.

  2. That's a great idea to use the T shirt fronts on the quilt! Looks great!


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