Friday, April 4, 2008

Yard Sale!!

I just found out that my home owner's association is going to have a community yard sale a week from now!! Yeaa!!

I have been slowly decluttering and trying to decide what to do with it all. I probably would not have had a sale on my own, to tell the truth. But I have already seen it advertised in my local paper and it seems they are advertising as well in the Dallas paper so I will definitely plan to jump in the fray!

It does mean that I have to work a little faster though and go around the house and grab the things I know are good to to. I just have to find out if we're putting things out front on the lawn or they have to go in the back where the garage is on the alley.

Stuff I already know I have to add

Boom box that works but has no cord (need batteries)
Some Longaberger baskets including a Christmas one
Department 56 houses
various books
Pots and pans (I am parting down to what I will use)
lots of cookie cutters, cookie decorations and miniature cooking pans
Misc kitchen stuff
Misc holiday stuff
Scrapbooking supplies

Gotta to search for more, more more!!


  1. Have fun collecting things for the yard sale. I do love a good sale and when many people get together it is usually a good one.


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