Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas, Intensively

The time has come for me to buckle down and get intensive in my Christmas planning and creating. I will be spending much less than last year, and trying to make everything as much as possible. The other items I will pay for through reward points and gift cards.

I hope to be able to create most things from my various stash and pantry items, or from earned gift cards and rewards, although I may have to fill in here and there. I have piles of fabric including lots of Christmas themes. I have a fair amount of yarn for a beginner. I have many gift baskets, many canning jars and cruets. After living in Germany I have lots of German pottery, polish pottery, and various large and small Christmas items with which to decorate or "spiff up" baskets. I have Christmas papers, cards, stickers, paints and so on with which to make cards, scrapbook pages or gift pictures. I will need baking/food supplies. And for my children I will probably buy some gifts to fill in if I do not have enough cards.

Generally I allow my day to flow, and I still get a fair amount done (although not what I would like). I am printing out a weekly "schedule" so that I allot enough time each week for quilting/knitting, as well as for my online earnings.

On hubby's side, I have four couples (don't know that they will all get "couples" gifts, but counting that way for now). I also have two nieces in college. For my family I have two couples, my single sister, and a nephew. I also have son and daughter.................and then of course I have small gifts for my women's church group, my weekly quilting group, the dog walker and so on.

I have a tentative list of what I want to make, but not complete yet. On the lin-law side: a snowman candle mat and coasters in
this fabric line; napkins and place mats; a barbecue sauce basket; patriotic place mats and napkins for my brother and sister in law who are active duty. For my niece the chef who goes to school in Providence-a store bought scarf or a really nice chef apron if I get to it. For my other niece the purse addict, a wristlet from Vera Bradley bought at thirty percent off, and perhaps a small gift card.

My side of the family is still working, however, my sister is a quilter and has been unemployed for ever, so anything will make her happy, happy. I am knitting her a scarf (my first full project) for starters. My nephew will get either a gift certificate to American Eagle or Gamestop (earned through my points) and/or a knit scarf if I have time. The rest I am still working on.

Now its time for me to start creating, crafting, and earning points and rewards.........oh, and baking, and making ice cream sauces and so on and so forth. I'm not complaining though, I do love Christmas, and that includes the gift part!!!

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  1. Barb, I started one of the boys Christmas gifts today. Only hope that I have enough time to get everything done I want to get done.

    God bless.


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