Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Frugal Entertaining

I belong to a dinner group through my church. Eight people or so, and the mix gets changed twice a year so its not all the same people. Generally the host(ess) provides the main dish and other folks bring appetizers, bread and so on. It makes for fairly frugal entertainment once a month, as well as a chance to meet various members of my fairly large church.

This Sunday it is at my house. We are two people short. One couple is bringing the salad, one bread, and one the dessert. So I have the main dish, wine, and some kind of appetizer.

I am planning to spurge a bit and get a stuffed pork tenderloin-my market prepares one with cherries and nuts and stuffing. Then Ill just throw some rice into the works. Appetizer will be a bread bowl filled with dips and stuff to dip in it. Ill rely on my daughter to bar manager to guide me with the wine. All and all it should be good food for not too much cost, considering.

I'm trying to make it a bit easy for myself because I'll have to do everything after I arrive in town from Denver Friday afternoon. I'll need to clean, cook and so on, as well as unpack.

To top it all of, I have two additional situations. A Handy man is coming to hang curtain rods, blinds and install handicap bars and so on (this is frugal for me, as I cannot do it myself and it needs to be done for my health). My daughter who is living with me is moving into her own house and is moving out on Sunday.

I decided not to change the day though-life is an adventure after all.

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