Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giving to Others When You Don't Have Anything

One of my problems (of many) since I am on a fixed income is that I am not able to give to all the organizations that I used to in the way I liked. I can volunteer, but organizations need money and food stuffs and so on as well.

Since I have gotten back into serious couponing, I have been able to get items for free or almost free, which means I am able to give much more.

Tomorrow I am supposed to take a toy to my church dinner to give to family center that we sponsor. Due to a triple play (a convergence of a sale, and two rebates) I was able to get a total of seven preschool games for 57 cents each!! They were on sale for 3.99 each. Target gave me a 10.00 gift card (which I will use as a gift), and there is a 2.00 rebate on each item. So I will divide them between the church, my local homeless shelter, and toys 4 tots if I can find one. Obviously if I had children those age in my house I would keep a couple, but I do not.

And last week, during the Kroger mega sale, I got things like Del Monte Veggies for pennies, Carnation milk for free, and Dole Mandarin Oranges for free. I will keep some in my pantry and the rest I will donate to the thanksgiving basket program at church.

I feel much better. Not only does it benefit me when I buy everything at 70 percent off ( minimum) but I get to help others in ways I never could.


  1. That's one of the good things about doing coupons and rebates! I've donated some of my freebies to the local food bank.

  2. As long as I've known you, I've been aware that giving generously has been a huge part of your life. I'm extremely happy for you that you have figured out a way to continue to do that.


  3. Aww Barb. You are a truely giving person.

    God bless.


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