Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Good Deals

I attached a pic of some of the Kroger mega deals I got. I don't do as well as some other folks (mainly because its me and my kids part time). My total cost for all the mega deals was twenty some dollars and I saved $49.00 on coupons and Kroger discounts. I fell off the couponing wagon there, but now I'm baaaacckkk.

At Walgreens, I got 2 full sized Herbal Essences, Gillette Body Wash, Gillette Deodorant, and Dial Hand soap, for a total of $15.99. After manufacturers coupons my cost was $7.14 (unfortunately I had absolutely no more Register Rewards to Spend. so my out of pocket costs were fifty percent. I also got $5.00 in RR back, which will be saved towards another week,

CVS was better than I thought this week. I got 4 Oral B toothbrushes, 2 Olay body Wash (128 oz), and four Vick's items, for a total of fifty two dollars. After coupons my cost was 38.81. I received 5 bucks for the toothbrush's, five bucks for the Olay, and 10 bucks back for the cold medicine, giving me a rebate of 20.00. The smart move would have been to get the bucks back from the cold and spend on the items doing multiple trips (which I usually do), but I really don't like to shop on Sunday. I think I am going to take the liquid back for capsules.

I think I will use the bucks I have towards the free after extra bucks glucose monitors they have. since they are free, I should be getting them to give to the church to give out. Something that just occurred to me now. Normally I would not have gotten the two large body washes at fourteen for the two, but I was out and I love the stuff. In the end everything was free from cvs.


  1. You got some awesome deals there Barb.

    God bless.

  2. I still am lost as to exactly what you are doing, but I'm glad you feel good about the deals you got.

    Most of my deals involve King Soopers. I use their credit card and get money and great coupons back, which I try to use when the items are on sale. Getting 40% off makes me very happy, but it only happens once every few months for me.

    When I saw the words "glucose monitor", my heart dropped, thinking you had developed diabetes. Then when I saw that you would give them away, I knew you are the same generous Barb I have known for years.


  3. most of the groceries ended up being free. i combine doubled coupons with the lowest sale price and in this case got an at the register rebate. I refuse to spend more than 25 percent of the cost on staples. Meat milk and produce are a different deal.

  4. Good hunting! Looks like you did well!


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