Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lowering Christmas costs

Did I spend too much for Christmas?? Probably.

If so, its partly because I'm still financing my college aged student who cannot get a job and gave him a Christmas allowance. I spent more than my goal of twenty five dollars per person (not including my children), I admit. But everyone in my family is very generous with gifts, and they are all things people will really use, not just put aside. Asked for items like good measuring spoons and cups, for example.

Last year I spent a huge amount on my children, this year I forced myself to stop at two thirds of that amount, so I am slowly improving my gift management skills.

Next year my goals is to have as many handmade gifts (quilts, knitting, food baskets) as possible, but I realize that I have to plan that over a year. Some people may be able to make gifts for everyone beginning in October, but that's not me.

I cut my budget in half this year, hopefully I can do so next year, without lowering the quality and enjoyment of the gifts.


  1. great ideas for homemade gifts but be careful because many homemade gifts (such as quilting) end up costing more than you might spend on purchasing something. Just my 2 cents! :-)

  2. Welcome to my blog........thanks, you're right it can be more expensive, it depends on how you buy the raw products.. I buy my homeade supplies at loss leader prices, so my handmade gifts are not expensive, be they cards, quilted items, sewns items or whatever. Also I get gift cards for fabric and craft shops on every gift occasion.


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