Friday, January 22, 2010

My Reading Plan for 2010

I love to read, and I'm now blessed that I actually have time to read! Sometimes I tend to wander and waver on what to read, however.

Recently a couple of bloggers I visit casually and read have begun participating in a reading plan for the new year.

While I don't want to set a goal for the entire year, I do want to vary my reading. There are a bunch of books I want to read, and a bunch of books that I should read. I'm trying to learn what I can do for myself in this house, working on starting a home based craft and writing business, and planning a couple of long trips, all of which require reading and planning.

Right now, these are the books I aim to read in the next couple of months. I'll get all of them from the library (of course!!), although I may end up buying a couple for reference:

Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. I'm almost finished with the first, and ready to finish the second. I love these books and wish I had read them earlier.

The Swan Thieves - this is the new book by the woman who wrote the Historian, which of course I think every human on earth should read.

Kisser - I'm a sucker for the Stone Barrington mystery series and its on reserve at the library. Mindless drivel at it's best.

Sizzle - another best selling modern mystery series

My Own Country - friends had recommended Cutting for Stone, and it looks like a great read, but when I did a search of the author, this is the book that jumped out at me.

Texas Lawn Care Guide - just what it sounds like. I'm very partially handicapped, but paying for people to come and fertilize and spray my yard last year is something I would like to eliminate this year, if I can.

Making Money without a Job and Crafts, Inc - The first book is about creating streams of income and home businesses and the second one obviously about how I can turn my crafting of cards, quilts and purses into a small business (I hope). I need to find ways to add to my pension in the immediate future.

Social Security, Medicare and Government Pensions At fifty something, I'll be perusing this book slowly, but I need to see how my government pension and SS interface and so on for future planning.

I'll begin re reading the Tightwad Gazette. Some of the articles are outdated with the expansion of the Internet and so on, but her articles are still a source of inspiration.

Pain Free arthritis - a book with all of the most recent research, including aromatherapy techniques to eliminate pain, new exercises and so on.

I also have a series of cooking for one or persons books that I've gotten from the library so that I can come up with basic non wasting recipes. A couple of them even have downsized recipes for muffins or scones for two!

And of course, there are always my quilting books, the newest of which are Jelly Roll Quilts and More, One Yard Wonders, and books on machine quilting.

I'm also reading the Bible in a year, using this resource, and and before I know it, I will be beginning a Lenten book series through church.

I think I have my reading ready to go for awhile! What is in your reading future!

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