Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My New Frugal Appliances

My kitchen is kind of a happy medium between those folks who have every appliance, and those purists who have none.

I have a coffee maker, I couldn't live without my waffle iron, and my good kitchen-aid mixer was the best money I ever spent on my frugal "scratch" kitchen. I use my blender often enough to make it worthwhile, but if it disappeared I would manage to live a happy life. My crock pot gets used once a week for half the year, and the rest of the year it sits in the pantry, a lonely soul. But the half year it gets used it's a life saver.

I don't have an electric skillet, a grill, a pasta maker, a food processor, a drink maker of any kind.......................you get the idea.

All this rambling is to say that I received three appliances for Christmas. I was gifted with an egg cooker, a rice cooker and an ice cream maker. I love them all, and although I would not have believed it, all will help me with my frugal scratch cooking.

Lots of people manage to make perfect rice in a pot, ever time. I usually end up under or overcooking, even after all these years. So far, the rice cooker has cooked perfectly. Also, at the moment when I want flavored rice, I am getting instant. I think as I slowly experiment I will be able to add flavorings and different liquids and get away from the instant Uncle Ben's stuff. So I am happy camper!

The egg cooker was a request. I love egg salad and soft boiled eggs for breakfast. The egg cooker cooks them perfectly, they peel perfectly, and I don't have to go to Which Wich once a week. Its small and will not take up much room (like the rice cooker) no matter where I put it.

I'm still working on learning how the ice cream maker works. Obviously left overs get frozen, waste is not a problem. Its a larger appliance, but I have a walk in pantry. I subscribe to Cooking LIght magazine. It seems like every month they have ice cream recipes, both sweet and savory.

All and all I am well pleased with my new working kitchen!


  1. The only one I have not got is the egg cooker. I am interested in how this one works.

    God bless.

  2. Have you tried brown rice in the cooker? That's the one that seems to give us the most fits....