Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Eating (in a Manner of Speaking)

Yesterday, with my family's encouragement, I joined Jenny Craig. I had a procedure on my knee last may and since then have been trying to get in shape. I have been eating more healthily, doing water exercise for two hours two days a week and so on. I have increased energy, better balance. However, I have lost not a pound, and I am severely overweight (not gaining, gained two times in my life a great deal quickly and then its just sat there)

I was hesitant because of the cost. My daughter has volunteered to pay to start. I think I am going to be happy with the program and it will help a lot. However, I am going to have to learn to meals on my own, because the food averages 100.00 a week for one person, not including fruits, veggies and dairy products. That's twice my normal budget.

Overall though it seems like it will really help me. There seems to be a lot of food, I wont go hungry. Most of the food is healthy food (non saccharine, non artificial ingredients).

My goal is ten pounds a month until I get to fifty pounds. Then we'll re-asess my goals.

May not be frugal, but an investment in my health.

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  1. Hi Barb. I hope you are doing well. I hope you don't mind my making one little suggestion. You are great about reading and learning from nonfiction, and there is a nonfiction book you might want to read. It's The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell. I realize that what it says about food is not going to be your cup of tea immediately, but I was thinking that maybe while you're doing Jenny Craig, you could just take a while and read it and think about it. If what it says is true, and I have no reason to think it isn't true, it could solve quite a few of your challenges all at once. Best of luck to you.


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