Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unfrugal Bush Removal (With a Silver Lining)

This poor guy has been at the edge of my patio for awhile. I really did not like him and was trying to decide what to do. Apparently God made the decision for me and piled a pound of Texas snow on the guy this past winter. Since there's no way to get him upright again, out he goes. I hate to do in a living thing, but there it is.

The bad news is that this will cost me around $200.00. Arggg. No way around it though, removing a tree is way beyond any skill set I have.

The good news is that I will now have about four to five feet depth of full son for half the day on my covered patio, which means I can have more pots and more direct sunlight on myself when I want it. I have dogs, so everything I grow is in pots.

The previous owners put the bushes in for privacy as the house behind me (across the Texas alley) has a higher elevation. When I replaced my tornado damaged tree, I increased the height of the fence to eight feet, so that's no longer a problem.

What I'll put on the ground is still open to discussion. My immediate thought is mulch and some pots, but we shall see.

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