Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Off the Reservation

It seems that in the next week or so I will be breaking my ever so limited  budget, and more than a couple times. Usually when I jump off the wagon it's for a single thing. Although most of these unexpected expenses are not exceedingly large, nevertheless they add up.  This is especially true when living off a pension and savings. Its not like I have a slush fund that I can replenish (although things on the home business idea front are improving)

Since I just blogged about having a social life/entertaining on a budget, I'll mention the most selfish expenditure first.  It's restaurant week in Dallas. This means that all the very expensive, non-chain four star restaurants have a three course, prix fixe menu for 35.00. Since I love to eat really good food (I could skip the Red Lobsters and Chili's of the world forever, just give me the michelin three star stuff ), and have not learned to cook it at fifty something, I will splurge and go to eat least one restaurant the next week.

My laptop is a few years old and was not holding a charge at all. Also, the power cord was frayed. So I went online at Best Buy and ordered both. They were the same price as at Toshiba (I have a Satellite) and I can take it in to best buy. Not a NEED in the truest, deepest sense, since I also have a desktop. But since I travel and do a lot of quilt design on the smaller one, I think a justified purchase.

I always thought that I would only have to buy clothing to fill in and would ask for gift cards at holidays and birthdays. Then my children had an intervention and paid for Jenny Craig for me. I've lost thirty pounds in two months and my knit capris were sagging down from the crotch to my knees and I was rolling them three times. So, I broke down and went and got two pairs of casual pants and a church pair, all on sale. I still haven't lost enough that Walmart or the thrift store are real valid alternatives, but a friend gave me a huge pile of clothing. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my double D's are not shrinking the way of my stomach and rear.

My late mom's birthday is coming up. I always give a donation to the church for flowers in her name, in addition to my regular giving. This is a need for me, I realize others may not think so.

As I mentioned in the another post, after four years, my eyes have changed drastically. I have progressive lenses, I'm blind as can be and I have astigmatism. I'm still looking at probably ordering online, but even with that option we are looking at hundred's of dollars.

I left the charger to my digital camera somewhere between here and Denver, so my stupid tax for this month will be purchasing a new charger. I've started selling on Etsy and displaying my quilts elsewhere, so going without the camera is not an option either.

None of these can really be done without. Some are investments in business or in health.

But doesn't it often seems as if it's feast or famine?

On the positive side, the technician at my dermatologist asked me out of the blue how much I would charge to make her a Texas Longhorn's quilt-so my quilting income stream is picking up, albeit slow as can be.

Onward and Forward!

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  1. Great Stuff Barb...thank you for the tips on my blog. I will link to your post.



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