Sunday, August 15, 2010

Income, Any Income.....Junior Edition

This post is not about myself, but rather my 21 year old. Without revealing his private information, he's finished his associate in golf course adminstration, been looking for work since 1 January, and has found absolutely nothing-and I do mean nothing. Not even pizza delivery. Very frustrating.

He has been pursuing his bachelors degree online (there is only one school where you can actually get a business degree in golf course administration). Recently we've had a come to the Lord discussion, if you will. He only went away to the golf school because it was what his dad and I wanted him to do, he really really doesn't want to sit in an office all day and his goal is to join the army after Christmas.  This is all good. I feel fairly comfortable that he's not making this decision out of desperation and he's done his research as to training and benefits and so on. We're working on some sites to evaluate skills and using a couple books so he knows what he wants to do even within the army.

Meanwhile though, the kid needs income (and frankly, some socialization, as this is not where he grew up and he knows not a soul). Our first plan of attack is to start literally going door to door starting a week from today, which is when most college kids who go away to school are gone, and see what kind of openings there are. The second is to register with some temporary agencies.

I would also like to look at some temporary income streams. I have a pile of small business books (many of which were for ideas for myself, but that's the next post, perhaps). But since he's pretty committed to the army idea (running and working out so that he can meet the requirements-he wants to be in shape before basic training and not lagging), it would make no sense to start a small business. So far, other income stream ideas I have mainly rely on doing things for me-selling on eBay and Craigslist and making a percentage, for example. Doing the paperwork and graphics for the small crafts business three friends and I are looking to start. I've also hooked him up with a couple survey companies.

So what would you do if you needed at least part time income but couldn't commit to a long term business or job?  His lack of a job is affecting me, at this point. Since he knows no one here and also has hardly any social l life (he had many friends at school but of course all those friends are online), I am breaking up my day to find him things to do (hanging curtains ) when I really should be dividing my day between sewing so that I can sell and computer work. And of course this doesn't begin to address the fact that he is totally reliant on me and my small pension. This affects both my bottom line and his self esteem in large ways. I can say truthfully, he is not a kid who feels comfortable relying on mom's largess. His frustration level is at an all time high. Fortunately he is doing everything he can to stay positive and does realize that it's not HIM thats the problem, he's a smart, talented nice kid who just hasn't found that job.

What would you do if you needed short term, part time income, aside from selling what you had? While I have no problem with him applying for temporary work or a delivery type job, starting a small business or committing to a permanent job make no sense ethically or financially  when you are looking at about a four month availability. So we continue the search...


  1. I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion for his income situation. But, I can say with all certainty that he is lucky to have a Mom like you. Your empathy and willingness to put your own needs on hold for the moment are what makes having family, any size family, so important.

  2. Target is already hiring for Christmas here. He might check out the local job bank. Ours here actually holds MOST of the jobs for the area. The schools sometimes need part time help. If he has an associates- he can be a substitute in most places. Playground aides, bus monitors.Lawn services often lose college employees about now.
    It is tough out there- but very possible.
    Has he taken his ASVAP" for the Army to see what areas he would be best in? What does he want to do?
    Hard to help a young adult get started. Our daughter is home with us right now as her husband transitions from the took him two months to find a job.

  3. Hi Janette, yes he just finished applying for target and got told they did not need anyone. He has been applying for jobs by the gallon (I have not been able to find a job in two years myself). He has applied to lawn services, to retail stores, you name it. He has actually looked at delivering flyers but would have to drive an hour to get to the job. He won't take the test until he joins up, but we are doing practice tests.

    meanwhile we are looking at skill testing in other is a struggle. Of course a degree in golf course adminstrtion is, well, a degree in golf course administration.

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  5. Trying to find an entry level job anywhere is the pits right now! Have you & your son thought about signing up the military's delayed entry program? He can sign up a year or less early before he would have to go to basic. The recruiters can start some testing for him to see what fields he qualifies for & he can also find out what they offer that he's interested in. My dh did this when he joined for about 8 months. It counted towards his retirement time too. Just a thought, I wish you both the very best!

  6. Sharon, no we did not look at early enlistment, but we are doing the studying and the prep on our own. We may do that, and he may call the recruiter, we will just have to see what the advantages are to studying on his own.


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