Monday, January 24, 2011

Living Richly In Retirement- You Too Can Find Those Special Deals

Previously I wrote about saving money by spending time. That blog post referred primarily to “do it yourself” money methods. I talked about cooking for you instead of eating out, cleaning instead of hiring a house cleaner, and other “labor intensive” ways to save money.

There is a second way that spending time equals money saving however. That one has to do with searching for discounts, in order to afford the things we like and enjoy while spending less money. Most of the time, this involves using modern technology, aka the Internet.

Invariably, as I write about money savings, spending a little bit of time and searching the “net” comes into the discussion. Whether I have been writing about saving money on hotels or getting Christmas gifts for pennies, every article has an Internet reference at least once.

Often after I have written an article, I receive requests or suggestions. Sometimes people wonder how I have to time to do such searches, and sometimes they want me to share those deals with them. Although I have considered doing this, I have hesitated for a few reasons.

First of all, many discounts and specials are one day only, short term offers. By the time people came to my blog and read it, the deal would be gone. The recent Travelocity deal I mentioned for a half priced hotel was one day only.

My second hesitation is that, put simply, it doesn’t involve a lot of time to look for discounts. Most people have the time. I am a busy gal. I have two home based businesses (both in the labor intensive state). I have a house and a yard to maintain, a dog, and a college student still at home. I’m involved in church and social activities and read a minimum of two novels a week. Even so, I manage to get almost everything I purchase for seventy five percent discount. And I do this by spending about fifteen minutes or so a day online. If you need, or want to save money (and more cheaply), I think that fifteen minutes a day is a small time investment to do so. I do realize that some folks are busier than I, or less adept at looking for deals.

The other reason I hesitate to list deals and discounts is that, put simply, we are all looking for different things. Half price entry to a golf course means little to me, but it might make your day. Many of the discounts I find are area specific, or to local venues.

Because I love to share, I am going to begin listing special deals I find in italics above the current blog post. However, I encourage you to find your own sources of discounts and deals, and take advantage of them. You may want to begin by exploring those deal websites I have linked to the right of my blog. Each of these women lists everything from special coupons, to one day deals at group buying sites, to special offers. I encourage you to scroll down their websites each day and peruse the offers available. Even if you find just one really good deal a day, you are on the way to saving money for just minutes per day. Isn’t it worth it?

And meanwhile, I’ll continue to share how I do things, and list the occasional “too good to pass up” offer when I can.


  1. Two novels a week? Wow I have not read even one in so long that I am green eyed over that. HA Ha. I did just finish Skin by Dekker but it took me over a year and the book was really good. Would love to know what you are currently reading.

    Also while I know the deals don't last long I am wondering if you sign up for alerts on Travelocity or do you just check it when you want to travel? Other than travel deals I am wondering if you maybe get other things that you use every day? I know during Christmas you got some amazing deals for Christmas gifts. But what about the every day things? Or do you just check the local papers for that type of thing?


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