Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Reading List -( Or, How to Get Some Real Food With The Brain Candy)

To say that I read a great deal is an understatement.  I read often, for long periods of time. Unfortunately for my body clock, those long periods of time tend to be until three in the morning.  The poor Labrador just doesn't understand why it's painful to feed and walk him at seven am

Also unfortunately, much of what I read is what I used to tell my children was "mindless drivel". In approximately the last week to ten days I have read the newest John Sanford mystery, the newest James Patterson mystery, the newest Stuart Woods mystery, along with a romance by Debbie Macomber (there's some kind of trend there, I'm just not sure what it is). Now mind you, mindless drivel certain has its place. I enjoy a silly movie as well as a deep one.  Give me Fast Five one week and The King's Speech the next.  I  often read to be entertained, or to be put to sleep.

However, every so often I like to be challenged by what I read. I also have some goals (businesses to run, skills to learn, travel places to explore). While online research can be helpful, there's nothing like sitting down and actually reading a book on the subject (and occasionally taking notes, assuming the book is mine!).

To that end, I've come up with a reading list, and my goal is to alternate to "fluff" pieces with one that is more inspirational or informational.  My short list is below.  I will have more to add, but this is the beginning of my list. Few have to do specifically with fixed income or retirement living, although many are relevant.  A couple are just about learning for the fun of it.  Off I go (hopefully).  What are you reading these days? Might you have recommendations?

  • How to Make Money Using Etsy - an up to date informative book that i scanned in the library and decided I simply must have
  • Cutting for Stone-recommended by many people
  • Go Your Own Way: Women Traveling Solo - although I regularly road trip alone, there may be a time when I want to go further afield and "singles group travel" is simply not my thing at any age.
  • The Poor Will Be Glad :  A book on a Christian approach to getting rid of global poverty
  • Left Neglected-a book club choice that I probbly would not have chosen, but that's why I'm in a book club, after all.
  • Put Em Up : I am determined to learn at least the basics of picking and canning produce, barbecue sauce and the like. Obviously,  if I don't do a better job of learning to grow veggies in pots or raised beds, I'll have to buy the produce, which leads me to.....
  • The Bountiful Container - I found a myriad of books on container gardening and finally found this one. It may be a little late in the Texas gardening season for me to implement much but there is always next year.
  • The Paris Wife - a novelization of Hemingway's life with his first wife, and also my book club selection.
  • On My Own - I was looking for a book that addressed being alone at this age, but wanted to go beyond all the traditional "widowhood" books. We shall see if I chose well.
Well, there we are, nary a frugal or retirement book in the mix (what was I thinking?) but a good start on some semi heave reading (with the accent on the semi)!!


  1. I have The Bountiful Container and love it! of course I'm in Texas and stuff just hasn't done like they say but you can tell their enthusiasma..color pictures would've made it even better IMO but it's a book I enjoy reading through from time to time!

    I'm gonna see if my library has that etsy book!


  2. man my library didn't have the etsy book, the canning book, the one about the women traveling so I used their 'suggest a title' link. The travel book is more than 2 yrs old so it's not a likely candidate.


  3. Susannah, I ended up getting the tsy book new because I knew I might want to underline and fold pages. You should be able toget another canning book probably...........I know the trvel book was old, I was surprised my library had it,

  4. Do you read Earlene Fowler mysteries (titles are quilt blocks)? or Anne George Southern Sisters mysteries?

  5. rsgarte, I have not read but one of the earline fowler mysteries. At the time they did not grab me. I will ahve to investigate, as I really need some new authors...that said, I full admit that in general I like the "edgy" police procedural authors like Lee Child, Alex Kava and John Sanford.

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