Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things I Love About Retirement-Spending The Day In My Jammies

Okay, so I don't really spend the day I my PJ's. Honest. I promise.

However, much of the year, I do relish the fact that its up to me when and if I say goodbye to the nightgown. I never did fall into the "must shower,must get dressed" column. Although I get up fairly early, I move slowly in the morning. I'm at home at least four full days a week. On those days I take advantage of leisurely breakfasts. Depending on the weather, I sit on the patio watching nature wake up in the morning, or in the front room watching parents and kids head off to school and work. I may even sit at my desk or sew. I've never been one of those gals who thinks she has to be dressed to feel professional. I can answer emails as well in bare feet as in shoes.

Eventually of course, those Jammie's come off (except for the occasional rainy, freezing day when I figure not to see a soul). Even so,on at home days, my attire is casual in the extreme. In other words while I'm not afraid to answer the door, my primary goal is comfort. Summer consists of casual shorts and long flowing loungers, winter finds me in warmer lounge gowns, knit pants and tunics or sweats. My personal care routine and style is such that with short spiky hair, my small earrings and moisturizer my day is done. Even on those days that I go out (for work, socialization or volunteering), my style is still casual. In my world, knit legging and bright tunics or silk Ts take me throughout my day with some long casual dresses added for summer. The dress for success clothes have been relegated to the back of the closet or sold. I keep a few dresses and jackets to mix and match for church and other occasions and my life is done. Farewell pantyhose, most makeup, hair color ( a choice made at my husband's request before retirement), and anything wool, gabardine and tailored. Hello comfort, bright colors and ease.

While the date of my retirement may not have been on my terms, how I live it will be. I intend, within certain limits, to do what I want and live as I please. Lest anyone say to themselves "well, she's alone, with no one else to answer to", this is the same lifestyle I would be living with my husband. Having a casual life doesn't mean being a slob or not taking care of ones self. While hubby surely would have continued to be the "don't speak until I have showered and have coffee" guy in retirement, he would have been happy and thrilled to say goodbye to all the three piece suits and ties in his closet-I imagine there would have been a nice fire on the patio fire pit!!!  For almost thirty years he was the guy who took off his shoes inside the door and was stripping as he walked up the stairs.

Lately, however, I'm wondering if I'm going to need school clothes.  Now that I'm heading  "back to school", I don't know that the "other kids" (read students) will be wearing.  Should I care?  Should I worry?  Somehow I expect that I may be the only gray haired lady in some of my classes. I'm not sure trying to dress to fit in will work. Will I decide I need to get one of the most fit in? 

Another new phase of retirement.  Who knew what retirement would bring?


  1. I think you may be SHOCKED to see what students wear to school these days. I took grad classes with twenty and thirty year olds who showed up in slippers and jamma bottoms. I found that my "professional" clothes- even my downscaled "professional teaching clothes" were "overdressed".
    I think if you have a comfortable set of clothing that you wear out- you should start with those. You might add a pair or two of jeans to your wardrobe. Sneakers and t shirts- that are not too flashy- will also be a norm.
    Maybe it will be different- but I doubt it. I have taken grad classes at five different campuses- from East to West. Unless you are going to a upscale school- in the business department- dress casually, glance at the students as they come in AND bring a good book. I have yet to be at a class in the last 10 years that started on time. I just hate to "just sit there".
    I am excited for your adventure!

  2. Thanks JBO. Unfortunately I cannot wear jeans, at all, ever. (because of the knee everything has to be soft knits).But other than that I expect illb e fine with what I have on hand...

    We'll see about the adventure. the last class I took was in1980, so all of my classes may not even transfer..still taking good ole core classes..

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