Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Frugalities-A Week In Review

As always, my week has been (mainly) full of frugal indulgences.  Some large, some small, always enjoyable.  Hopefully it shows that you don't have to spend money to have fun, or live richly. How have I enjoyed life this weekend with little or no money?
  • Bubble baths taken using candle and bath oils purchased for pennies on the dollar-and the free library book I read while soaking.
  • I made a quick garage sale and thrift store outing that netted my son sixty dollars worth of books to sell (for fourteen bucks) a couple like new "Colorado" sweaters for me (for three dollars each), two small table top oil paintings (for a dollar each) and some vintage kitchen items.
  • I had a lovely dinner of absolutely perfect had beef stroganoff made by my son, using loss leader sirloin and fresh ingredients. This dish is so good that I have drafted said son to cook this dish for one of my dinner exchanges in December. That and homemade Christmas cookies will be the highlights.
  • I went to a monthly dinner in my church parish hall for which my entrance price was three dollars and a small appetizer from home.  My church does this once a month and gets from forty to a hundred people, with different groups being assigned different dishes.
  • I had a great, relaxing (and this time, hilarious) evening spent with a group of women that I meet with twice a month. Finishing with coffee and dessert, this is a rugal, fun way to socialize without an expensive restaurant or other venue.
  • I continue to love quiet mornings on the patio with my cold caffeine, the dog (and birds and squirrels). I occasionally put on a robe or sweater these day, but the weather is still lovely and I appreciate the "quiet time"
  • I really appreciated our annual family Christmas list exchange, which began today (a mass mail that continues to go to everyone as everyone adds to it).  Requests include simple things such as wooden spoons, Barnes and Noble gift cards, subscriptions to money saving magazines and bath and body intensive care skin cream (one of my contributions).
  • I'm enjoying the book on disc that I listen to as I am sewing in my studio. I've just discovered audio books and love them. I'd consider a television in my room, only I might sew through my finger again.  As always my books, movies, and audio books come free from the library.
  • Lastly, I'm appreciative of the fact that my income streams also bring enjoyment and richness to my life.  The fact that I can spend an afternoon sewing in my studio and end up making money for it, or perusing books and call it a business expense, is beyond believable. Now I just need to increase the money come in from those streams.
  • I've enjoyably planned a frugal overnight to the hill country, and my post Christmas trip to Denver. Finding a different route to visit family and friends and exploring new vistas is often as enjoyable as the trip itself.
Obviously, not every part of my life is frugal, or at least enjoyably frugal (although for the most part, it certainly is). I have my moments when I step out of the box, or off the cliff-my past financial choices have shown that.  This evening, the neighborhood pizza man will knock on the door. When this happens, I remind myself that this moment is why I partake of all those other frugal lifestyle habits-and then I'll enjoy my pizza.


  1. will you share that recipe? sounds good! I love bubble baths too..and I lke the occasional audiobook for when I'm driving a longer trip. I started getting the library eaudios from overdrive and putting them on my mp3 player - no scratches! I got so frustrated with a cd a few months ago - was getting good then it wouldn't play! So I got it from their overdrive system and was a happy camper. One library I have a card at has netlibrary as well but I don't use it as often.


  2. I enjoy reading about your simple pleasures. You obviously have a very full and socially rich life, and are an inspiration for my upcoming retirement.

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