Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time For a Change

I began this blog as an experiment. I wanted a way to share my own struggles and talk about how one lives on a fixed income, the problem and the challenges.  So many frugal books and blogs are targeted towards people with young children-there's certainly nothing wrong with that. That's a challenging time for families. But retirees, empty nesters and singles living on extremely tight incomes often have some different and unique challenges. I still think that's true. Ono ther other hand, most so called "retirement" blogs talk about preparation.  I thought, and still think, that there needs to be more talk about how the heck we manage now that we're here.

Then, I started a quilting blog. This blog has been completely separate and was started as a way to share my quilting and talk about my business.  This blog has been going a couple months, and I need to devote more time to that area.

Here's the problem. I'm not one dimensional, or even two dimensional and neither is my life. I'm a quilter. I'm a frugal gal who lives on social security and whatever she can add to that. I'm a road warrior when it comes to travel, I love to cook-the list goes on. Some people have many blogs, devoted to different areas.  That's simply not me.

After some thought, I've decided to combine all of these interests into one blog-no more multitasking. This doesn't mean I'll leave frugality or early retirement behind. On the contrary, by blogging about all of my life (or at least most of it) I think I'll be a better example of how to live richly and frugally.  Frugality permeates all parts of my life, from my quilting business to how I travel, to my home improvements.  There's no avoiding that. I think this new direction will make this blog better, more interesting and even more relevant to retirees , frugal and creative folks.

In the next few days some of this blog will disappear. Many articles will stay as reference and for future interest. You'll see a link to a new blog that tells you lots more about who I am and how I manage and make it-creatively, financially and otherwise. Please give the new blog a chance. Once I'm set up Ill be commenting and visiting many of you with my new name. I hope you'll come and see me, and or sure, I'll visit you all.  All the time.


  1. Barb,
    I'll follow you anywhere. You are about the only person/blogger I know who tells it like it is. You're honest and reasonable. You're realistic.

    Thanks for your advice and guidance. I depend on your wisdom and insight.

    I look forward to your new blog! And the new link.

  2. No problem.
    I look forward to your weave.
    Let us know where you are.

  3. I feel the same way as you and did the same thing recently, combine all of my blogs into one. I had other blogs, Sort of Retired, Aging Reluctantly, A Veteran Runnah and some others and decided that my blogging was too fragmented and that is not who I am.

    I wish you luck with your new blog and when you publicize the link, I will follow you there and update my blogroll.


  4. Great idea! I am interested in all the things that you are and will look forward to your new diverse blog. Best wishes!

  5. Barb, good luck and I'll be looking forward to seeing your new blog as well.

  6. Sounds like a solid plan. I don't limit myself to one theme or topic on my blog - it's a little bit of everything. Looking forward to your new endeavours!

  7. Barb,
    I have been a lurking fan of your blog for several months now. I'll certainly follow your new blog, but please leave the old content up; I would like to reread some of your older entries.
    Rita in NYC.

  8. Rita-I've removed just a few things. My family has not visited this one but they will probably visit the other one-while they know some of my financial istuation and how I spent all my life insurance money, some things about post widowhood are not appropriate for my kids, for example

  9. I should add that after talking with someone I am still stewing if or how to do this................

  10. I do a blog as well and mix up all kinds of's mainly a journal for me and I'm very sporadic in my postings. It's funny but I dont' mind total strangers/internet friends reading it but I think I'd die if a family member stumbled across it or even my closest friends I see regularly! I know some blogs are very open and sharing-and I love them - but I've also read some stuff and wondered what they'd do if someone close to them read what they'd written! I dont' recall any of your posts being inappropriate though I don't know all the life insurance background but honestly a widow(er) going through $ and making financial mistakes isn't surprising - it's a known fact that grief and $ don't stick together well - at least from what I've read. You seem to be doing well and enjoying your life and seem optimistic. I'll look forward to your new blog!


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