Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcoming Christmas and Winter

All right, so it’s not really winter yet. Here in Dallas though, Thanksgiving is the day when the weather changes. You can wear shorts during Halloween and through much of November. Right about Thanksgiving, we get our first frost. The weather is now in the thirties and forties at night and forties or fifties during the day. Once in a while the weather climbs to almost sixty, but that is rare. Not New York or Denver weather necessarily, but cool for Texas. It will get cooler as time goes on

In addition to the cool season, Christmas is on its way (It won’t be Christmas until December 25th, which is why I have no objection to “happy holidays” on any level). Between the weather and the advent of the holidays (no pun intended), this time of year I start moving into nesting mode. Obviously, I can and do still sit out on the covered patio on occasion. The sun is shining through my floor to ceiling windows, and we may still do some last minute landscaping prep. I walk outside as often as I am willing and able. On the other hand, it gets dark much earlier; Christmas and winter are in the air. The heat is on and my mind is slowly moving to winter mode.

For me, that means a variety of things. Obviously, I’m starting to pull out winter and holiday decorations and decor. I also pull out quite a few quilts for reading or watching TV. Much if this stuff is winter themed and can stay until February at least. I pull plants inside. I put it on my list to find out why I can’t light the darned fireplace (The gas is working). I suppose you could say I batten down the hatches and revamp.

In the kitchen, I put my mixer front and center. It’s time to bake (and not just for Christmas, I bake most of my bakery items from bread on). I’ve dragged down the slow cooker so that we can start having some long cooked soups and stews and a family member asked if it was time we had pot roast or homemade lasagna the other day-both cold weather foods in this house.

Nesting surely doesn’t mean I’m in the house to stay. There are Christmas craft fairs to come, along with some moderate Christmas shopping. Also, Lessons and Carols at church, along with a local production of either the Nutcracker of the Messiah. Add that to the fact that I am hosting a cookie exchange at church, and both my quilting and my dinner group Christmas events (it was just a temporary brain cramp, what can I say), and its obvious hibernation is not where I’m at.

On warmer days, I’ll be on the patio or measuring the yard and making landscape decisions. Heck, on those days when the weather spikes ala Texas, I’ll probably be back to that novel and mimosa (or hot chocolate) thing on the patio again.

On the other hand, there will be many days and evenings that will center on television, books, and quilting. In the morning I’ll jump out of bed and turn up the heat. Then, I’ll jump back into bed with my laptop and a beverage and already be “at work”. When I get up, I’ll throw on leggings and heavy socks. There will be board games when the kids come over, and crossword puzzles in bed. Homemade minestrone, lots of holiday cookies, and spiced cider and you have a lovely fall/winter recipe-Texas style.

I think I’m ready for a teeny tiny bit of winter for a while-a very brief while.

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  1. I just turned on the heat today for the very first time. I started baking bread. Already had bowls and bowls of soups.

    Yup. Winter's on.


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