Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Musings

Sometimes middle age rears it's ugly head and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Today I made lasagna from scratch-and do mean completely from scratch in every sense of the world.  The nature of this particular beast is that you stand in one place-on kitchen tile. After crushing and crumbling and stirring and layering for a few hours. my whole body already hurt.  Then I felt a twinge while taking the super-dee-dooper three family pan out of the oven and knew I was in trouble.  Tomorrow should be a fun day.

At any age, nothing risked is nothing gained.  I had this idea that I would make a sorority quilt t shirt as a sample and take orders.  Not having any unique sorority t-shirts on hand, I "put out the word".  In one day I've had takers, and hope to end up making a quilt with the Greek letters embroidered on the corner. A start to making many, I can only hope.

My bedroom looks like it belongs on an episode or hoarders. We've been rearranging, changing rooms if you will.  Then there were some items that had to be removed for Christmas decor, and they landed in my bedroom as well.  Add to that a pile of laundry.  Then there are the Christmas Gifts, boxes of Christmas wrapping and bags.  In the end what you have is-a mess.

Since I don't know how to make anything less than enough lasagna to feed twenty or so, we'll be eating the stuff all week. I like it, but the question is do I like it that much.  The answer is probably, if the alternative is cooking.

I've decided that within certain restrictions (to be shared later), I am going to TRY to follow the Compact for a year.  The Compact is an agreement to buy only used, and obviously would have certain exceptions (underwear and fabric come to mind).

Last but not least. those orthopedic studies are just plain wrong. Somehow I managed to walk, workout and do things in the yard in the summer with minimal pain. Today I am limping around like my grandmother.  In other words, you can show me all the studies you want, but as far as I am concerned cold weather and arthritis simply do not mix.

Oh, and did I mention school is finished for the year?


  1. Sorry you are hurting. Are you still working out? Reducing the amount of exercise can cause more pain for me. Also, perhaps you can get one of those cushioned mats for the kitchen since standing on a hard surface for a long time is hard for anyone. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi Juhli-I do not "work out" in the cool weather because of the pain (in the summer I use an outdoor pool). Once in a while I mall walk, I do a simple seated exercise program and I do what I can around the house.

  3. When at home we walk and go to the gym several times a week for a simple exercise routine. Right now we're visiting the Big Island of Hawaii. Aside from a couple of short walks we have been idle, mostly reading and talking to our daughter and son-in-law who joined us for three days. I am getting restless to do some moving about!

  4. Barb-I have the same problems you have. Summers I swim and walk. Winters are a bit limited. But here is what works for me: Y O G A. Rent a video from your library. Look for yoga stretches for the over-50 crowd. I do them practically every day and they are very easy. Do the ones you like the best only.

    As soon as I feel my back going out, I do a few stretches and am fine almost instantly. You don't need to buy anything. I do the stretches anywhere, anytime, sometimes in my PJ's.

    As for cooking in the kitchen, I do have a little area rug that I stand on. But what I swear by the lost, is this: anytime I have a long chore to do, such as cooking, baking and even cleaning, I wear a sports bra. Yup! The ones that have the widest band across the back. Try it. I swear it works to help reduce back pain. Even hip pain (I have a bad right hip). Once I am done working at the kitchen. I do some stretches. I place my hands on the sink, walk backward, and stretch downwards. Then I'll sway my hips to the right and to the left (slowly) for more of a stretch. It helps me a lot and I get a lot of work done.

    Good luck.

    PS: for my fingers, I'll run them under hot water often when working in the kitchen when the start to ache.

  5. Thanks morrison-I've asked for a book on chair yoga for chrismtas as I cannot get down on the ground..Ill try it and see what happens

  6. Barb
    I don't do anything on the ground! I do most of my yoga stretches while standing up. Or sometimes, sitting down. I can be sitting on the couch or the side of my bed and just reach up to the ceiling and stretch out.

    Peggy Cappy (from PBS) has a great video of yoga for Baby Boomers. On the DVD, some of her students are in their 80's! That's what so great about yoga. You can do it anytime, anywhere and at any point in your life.

  7. I've been reading your blog for a whie, but don't think I've commented before... I really enjoy your posts & your self sufficiency! :)

    Your "hoarders" comment made me laugh... I helped my mom move into a single aartment today and told her she's going to have to "pare down" as she simply doesn't have as much room anymore for "stuff"! lol!


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