Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits...Or The Best Laid Plans

Today was the cookie exchange at our church.  The premise is that everyone brings at least two dozen cookies and the recipe. We have wassail (spiked and unspiked), snacks and other goodies. The bell ringers put on a concert.  Everyone takes a plate of as many cookies as they brought taking a couple of each, and yours truly (eventually/someday) makes a cookbook out of the recipes.

The wassail was heating and set out, everyone had listened to beautiful music for a half an hour after oohs and ahhs as the cookies arrived. People were just beginning to get some warm beverage and head to their tables for some good cheer and......................wait for it.....................the power in the whole block went out.  For forty five minutes.  Candles were lit and flashlights were used and in the end, somehow everyone got cookies.  The place was cleaned up.  Sort of.  Ah well, what's that saying about man planning and God laughing?

On the other hand, a for money project reached it's next level. Can I just tell you how difficult it was to make a Patriots quilt?  With no offense to anyone reading, that red has got to go!  I also am almost finished with a retirement gift for a former priest and coasters  and hot pads for Christmas gifts.  One set in a them of green with lavender accents, the other in fall tones.

As if I'm not busy enough, I decided I needed an in front of the TV pastime.  Hello yarn and knitting needles. Take a seat, I'll make room for you somewhere.

And last, but not least, my dog issue.  You know that plan of no new pet for awhile?  Ha!  Ha! I say. The woman who was fostering the beagle we were interested in emailed me (before Magic became ill, we were looking at adding to our family already. We put that on hold when he became ill).  She told me that she had to go out of town on business and that (in her words), this might be a good time to see if Trevor was a good fit for us.  And we would save her the cost of boarding.  My twenty two year old and I looked at each other, shrugged, and said why not.  So I now have a beagle underfoot. Perfectly behaved, sleeping with my son, and using the dog door with no problem.  Except. He went for a walk to visit a neighbor with who has a female boxer and a young child.  He ran in, played with Sophie (the dog) for a few minutes.  And then..........he walked over to her bed and promptly marked his spot.  As if that were not enough, he then went into the living room, took the little one's corn dog off the table and ate it.  Sigh.  Sigh again. Who was it who said they wanted another dog?  Was that me?


  1. sigh.beagles and labs - the chowhounds of the doggy world! I have a lab and german shephered - used to have a beagle.

    unfortunatly for me - quiltwise- orange seems to be the color of choice. I've been making some I Spy quilts for the kids in the family and between astros and UT for one family and OSU for another I'm so sick of orange I could puke LOL! getting ready to make more with them as well - another with both UT and Astros(the last thanks to a nice lady sharing since they don't sell the cotton baseball fabrics anymore) and more wtih UT - I graduated A&M but luckily I don't bleed maroon!
    I love that signature quilt - rail fence is one of my fave patterns I have a blue/white one I did in an online swap years ago and quilted in the past few years -used poly batting which is way too hot for Houston but thankfully the past few days it's been COLD enough to use it if I leave the heater off!!

  2. Sounds like the beagle is going to be a handful. LOL! :)

    We knew our 15-16 year old Australian Shepherd's days were numbered so last year we adopted another dog. A Catahoula puppy (unbeknownst to us. we thought it was another Australian. Ha!)

    Our 16 year old passed away a few months ago and if we hadn't had the new dog, the event would have been more devastating than it was. Catahoula pulled us through.

    I highly recommend having dogs as family members. it is just so unfair that they have short life spans. Not right! But enjoy them while they are here with us.

  3. Oh the fun of getting a new (to you) and younger dog! Enjoy your new pet. We are enjoying our rescue poodle a year later as she brings us lots of joy. The training is somewhat endless though as she keeps showing us new traits.


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