Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Or in this case, at least a few.  We adopted our new dog as many of you know. One of the reasons this cutie was non adoptable was because he had a tumor removed from his head.  Folks were afraid of a short life, medical costs or both.  After we adopted him, we found two small cysts or fat cells.  Under the circumstances removal was a must. Seeing as how the pup had torn off his stitches previously, the doc opted to put him into this poor cone-of course while he cannot reach the stitches on his face, his back legs can still reach his ribcage and we are on watch.  So for how he is wearing the "cone of shame" as his foster mama put it.

I also wanted just say to all-be patient as I play with the blog a bit. I am learning as I go, and trying to find backgrounds and fonts that are easy for all to read.  Feel free to share an opinion at any time.

Oh, and while I knew the Bronco's run had to end sometime, can I just say............ouch!!!  Then again, I have one kid who follows the colts, one who follows the Redskins and the rest of the Texans follow those 'boys.  My team is the only one who made it to a play off game, lol!

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