Friday, January 6, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Coming home.  Be it vacation or visiting family, it's always a pleasure. Still, there really is no place like home-and no bed like mine

Sitting out on the patio on a warm Texas January day. It was close to seventy degrees today, one of those days that reminds me why I live in the "south". The warm weather also made me realize that we need to seriously consider our landscaping alternatives.  After all, the first of March is planting time in Texas.

Relaxing in front of the TV with my son's homemade chili (a healthy, low cost meal made with all natural ingredients), homemade cornbread and salad. Who needs to eat out, when you have this!

Walking the neighborhood with the pup (who by the way, traveled very well-a pillow and water in the back seat and some walking and he was a very happy camper). Free exercise for both of us.

Taking down the decorations.  Some find it depressing, but I enjoy the wrapping and putting away, as well as looking forward to new seasons (I'm aways ready to celebrate a holiday, any holiday-be it President's Day or Easter)

Explaining to my son (who think he's an expert on classic rock and roll) that yes,  Time On My Side really was a hit long before it appeared in the movie Fallen. Not only that, it was a jazz and soul track before the Rolling Stones discovered it. It's occasionally rewarding to remind said child that every thing he learned about music he learned from he and he has yet to learn it all.

Explaining to the same son that yes, Casablanca really does belong on the list of top 20 World War II films.  Son is working on the American Films Institutes' top 100 of all time and has studiously avoided Casablanca, to his mother's shame and chagrin.

Finding a new mystery/thriller author just when I was facing a dearth of reading. I was all caught up on every author I read, with no new books coming out until April or so (it must be a cycle, these April and November releases). I was looking for a new thriller author whose missives were both current and included no supernatural references (no John Connolly for me, for example).

Choosing to stay at home and watch Empire of the Sun with my offspring and sister , rather than hit the local movie theater. I did see Mission Impossible in the Imax theater (worth the price, no matter what you think of Tom), and have committed to Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the near future.  There's something to be said though, for watching a movie from the comfort of your couch, with your own snacks, and the ability to press pause if you need to run to the bathroom.

Watching Trevor curled up on his pillow/bed and realizing that yes, I probably always will need a dog around-and that Trevor probably really should have a brother.

Playing with paper and my colored pencils. I have no art ability-to the point that part of my new semester classes will include a drawing course.  I do enjoy the sketching process though, even if no one can understand what I have sketched except me. 

What about you-what simple pleasures have you enjoyed lately?


  1. Putting clothes on the line. That doesn't sound like a pleasure- but being able to walk outside when it is 50 instead of 5 degrees is a pleasure in Kansas.

    I like the new look! Easier to read and browse!

  2. I enjoyed spending time with my friend and her sister and their kiddos - friend got me addicted to Gardens of Time on facebook(and I've never been a game person but I spy and garden building all in one?! I'm a goner!)..played nick jr games online with her 3 yr old and visited with her 9 yr old niece - ironically had homemade chili :-) and plan on making some of my own next week if I'm still wanting some!
    hope to find some simple pleasure in working on some quilting and even in decluttering over the enxt few months.


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