Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too Many Quilts, Too Little Time

Currently, I reside  in a 2200 square foot single level home. At the moment, I'm doing everything I can to stay in said house, although its going to surely require some adjustments if I wish to keep the house and to travel (and I do). Occasionally I wonder how one woman, two dogs and a college student manage to stretch out into so much space. Most of the time though, I love this house. It has a covered patio, a yard large enough to both hold a garden and a container patio.....the list goes on.  So while I'm downsizing possessions I'm looking to keep the house without being house poor.

What has this to do with too many quilts, you may ask?  Simply this:  I'm blessed to have a large room dedicated to sewing.  Now, I know that one can sew on the kitchen table, or in a designated corner space.  From my perspective though, people who do that are incredibly organized.  They're the folks who begin a projects, work on it until they are done, and move onto the next one. If you are one of those people, be it a quilter, a woodworker or even a chef, I admire you. Actually I am in awe of you. However, put in it simplest terms, that is not me. That will never be me.  I'm one of those people who NEEDS to have multiple projects going.  Sometimes I get bored, sometimes I get tired, sometimes a specific project required to much minute detail and I need to move onto something else. Sometimes, I just sit in that chair and look out the window and daydream, trying to get inspiration.

This became apparent to me as I was attempting to bring some organization to my space today.  As I look around the room, hanging on the iron board is an antique partially finished quilt top that was donated as is.  everything is hand pieced, and belonged to the grandmother of a friend who is my age. I've trimmed and pressed as best I could and will now add borders and machine quilting to the top.  The donor is not interested in having any of the projects back, but I will make a label and perhaps her grandchildren may want one.

On a mini quilt hanger is a partially finished album block quilt for a priest who left my church during the summer.  To say I'm behind on this one is an understatement, and yes, the blocks do not perfectly mesh.  Who knew signatures in ink could have anything to do with shrinkage at all?

And then there's the obviously unpressed center to a mini quilt or table topper that is waiting for its borders and finishing.....

The test "block" I made to see if I liked the look of this layer cake and the measurements of the block before I go further..................

the Plano High School quilt that is in progress for a new freshman..............

or the valentine fabric ready to be made into coasters.

I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while, don't you?  In the interest of accuracy, these are just the quilts I am working on now.  Not included are all the UFOS (or unfinished objects to the uninitiated), the three bags of t-shirts that need to be cut for a sorority quilt, or the twenty bags of Crown Royal bags for the requested quilt (my mental computer is still at work on this one).

None of these quilts will languish for too long or be ignored. On any given day, depending on my energies and interests, I may work on from one two three of these. I expect the purple squares and the modern table topper to be done next week at the latest. It's not that I don't work, it's just that I need a variety of work to hold my interest. Sometimes I walk away and do something else in the house, don't get me wrong. But many times, I want to keep sewing, I just want to work on something "different"

I'll just be grateful that I have such a room, use it as much as I can, and keep on quilting those quilts!


  1. Just found your blog, I will now be spending hours with the laptop looking back, no quilting today I am thinking! Ha I to have a sewing room but it is such a mess I can't sew in it so the kitchen table it is. Love all your quilts, I have much of the same fabric, LOVE the Sweetwater (reunion/hometown) I can't wait to get started on something using it

  2. I quilt and have to have ROOM too LOL! I also have way too many started- it's time to budget in my friend to machine quilt them...right not I have at least 8 I spy quilts to do for kids in the least 8!


  3. Waiting till Hawaii to get the material that inspires me. Thanks for the shot of your sewing room. Gave me some ideas.
    Your house sounds perfect for you. Keep moving forward. You are doing great.

  4. Enjoy the quilt pictures. Keep them coming. I have been knitting and crocheting and not sewing for several years, but once I get past a relocation down the road am ready to get the sewing machine going.

  5. Thanks Debbie-before I headed out at Christmas my local shop had a limited amount of precuts in the not yet shipped shaeds-good fortune by Kate Spain, the thirties fabric, and a bunch of others-no reunion though. Im keeping my eye out.

  6. Janette, you will surely have to show me your fabric when you gat back. So happy to see that you are back blogging by the way.


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