Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Friday-Why I've Been AWOL Again

When it comes to blogging, it seems to be feast or famine for me. Admittedly, I am a sporadic blogger. I blog because I enjoy it, and because I want to share what is going on. I do enjoy seeing the numbers grow and am gratified that folks want to come by and read my blog.  That said, I don't regularly "schedule" blogging-at least on this blog. I do my thing, and if writing makes it into the mix, wonderful. If not, that's okay as well.

Lately however, it seems as if there's been a real famine when it comes to my "sharing time".  Not because I haven't had anything to say. On the contrary, life has gotten in the way. What have I been doing instead?  Where should I begin.....

For one thing, I've been attempting to limit the amount of time I am "connected" be it through the laptop, I pad or smart phone-at least through Lent.  While I'm certainly not up to the kind weekly fast that Sharon committed to, I'm finding that becoming more "unplugged" has it's rewards. I could never give up my technical umbilical cord completely, especially since I use the 'net for so many frugal uses (including the two new blogs mentioned below).  Still, I've drastically cut down on my "surfing time", and following the title of a Julie Morgenstern book, I'm not getting online at the beginning of the day-a novel idea but it works. By the time I've made time for surfing, I'm ready for a book and some basketball.

School has been busy.  While I've enjoyed it, I am thinking of withdrawing from one class, and will not take more than two courses at a time-a lesson I probably should have learned from a previous semester.  I'm enjoying my art classes, but they require a time commitment beyond the basic classroom.

I've realized that if I want to make more money, I really have to spend more time.  I'd like to commit twenty hours minimal a week in that direction. This is another reason I've "dis-connected" a bit. I've found that I get much more accomplished if I hit my sewing room or go book or yard sailing first, rather than in the second half of the day. I've even explored a few creative mass production techniques, and joined a group of like minded online sellers who want to expand to local craft shows.

I've started two new blogs (I know, I know).  While I really have no interest in monetizing this blog per se, I do think that a blog can be a useful business tool and cheaper than a website. To that end I've created a separate blog for my sewing business as well as one for our errand/organizing start-up.  I may link to those eventually, but you will not see them listed as blogs as they are affiliated with the emails that link to those businesses. It may seem a bit much to have separate blogs, but the all have separate purposes.  I think I found out that one blog cannot, as they say, be all things.

Since it's spring (or feels like it), I've been working in the house and in the yard.  Having frisky dogs and a limited budget, I'm rethinking what I can do in the back besides extend the patio - I think I've committed to that.  Since I'm trying to do without lawn services this year, I'm fertilizing, weeding and planting all on my own, painful knees and all (with the help of some younger slave labor)  On the house front, rather than having a "spring cleaning", Ive been working on one room at a time-and when I'm finished, it should be time to clean for fall!!!

I've been doing it myself more and more (or in some cases doing it ourselves), be it cooking, yard work, small home improvements, gifts or anything else. Time is my primary resource, followed by creativity.  I've been making full use of both.

I've been doing some more writing.  While a book about frugal retirement/fixed income retirement may never come forth, there are a lot of folks either nervous about the future or looking for current advise on how to live richly in retirement. I've written for a few outlets, and we'll see what happens.

Finally, I've simply been enjoying life. I've reminded my self that for the most part this is what I've chosen, and as such I need to "live the life," if you will. We've had lovely weather in the high seventies much of the last month-even for Dallas its more than pleasant. Reading a whole book in a day or so while sitting on the patio has been especially enjoyable, as has watching the dogs romp or simply sitting and listening to what is going on around me. Add that to evenings filled with reading and March Madness (and my Peyton Manning Broncos watch) and life has been-well, life.

I will be back though, and soon. As often happens, I now have a head full of articles in mind.  I've been asked to share my experiences with buying and reselling. I'm been exploring how to save on a fixed income (and whether to buy an IRA at my age).  I've been planning my frugal yet rich Easter celebration for family, and more. Onward and Forward, after all. 


  1. Barb,
    This is the first time in a while that I'm catching up reading blogs. I've needed the break. I, too, have not been on very is to be lived...and not in front of a computer screen.

    I love your me a glimpse into the future for me...

    Enjoy your time away, and I look forward to your future posts!

  2. As always enjoy reading your blog……”life is what happens while making plans” John Lennon it is not easy to save money while retired but a little at a time adds up….we are into our second year of retirement- ready or not here we are-enjoying every minute on less which really is more if you plan accordingly….ronaldj

  3. Fun blog. More of us need to work hard at living richly in retirement. I get tired of all the financial advice; living on less isn't that so bad! However, I am also working at selling ebooks to make some extra cash. You're a good writer and I hope you're considering doing the same. Take care, Susan

  4. I blog less when I'm at home these days. Life is like that!

  5. I like your blog so of course I am hoping you will keep it up...but I know how life can sometimes take over. Come back soon!

  6. Hi, Barb... As you've written, you've been so very busy with so many activities that you've run out of time for blogging. I think that's natural. And it's certainly good news that your life is filled with so many activities.

    One thought about your writing a book. If you blog on the subject which you intend writing a book about, you can take your accumulated posts and compile them into a book. After all, blogging weekly, at the end of a year, you'd likely have some 25,000 words in your draft copy. Bill

  7. Just reading about all the stuff you're doing got me anxious! Defintiely make sure you keep up with enjoying life!! :-)

  8. I've enjoyed your blog ever since I discovered it several months ago. It's interesting to see what is going on in another retiree's life. Keep up the good work!!

    Lori S.

  9. I so known what you mean, i can hardly force myself to put down the iPad once I pick it up. Check FB, email, read blogs, play games repeat.


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