Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joining the Sunday Night Chit Chat Crew

I'm going to attempt to join Juhli and some other bloggers in their Sunday Night Chit Chat-as started originally by Carla. How faithful I'll be, who knows, but here we go.

What am I: 

Reading?   Way to much, believe me.  For Lent, I'm re reading Practicing Our Faith on my own. I have  book on improving my Etsy store, and tomorrow I'll pick up both the new Elmore Leonard and the newest Robert Parker Jesse Stone mystery. 

Watching?  Just finished the two hour premier of the Killing. Can I just say that AMC seems to be the channel of the hour lately, between Mad Men, the Walking Dead and The Killing.

Listening To?  Right now, the golden oldies station on my ATT Uverse cable. Later, maybe some Gershwin on my laptop to fall to sleep to.

Cooking/Baking?   Tonight, absolutely nothing. I had a Chili's gift certificate purchased through an online deal I had been hoarding and decided tonight was the time to use it.   As for baking, tomorrow I begin Easter cookies and breads-oh joy.

Happy I Accomplished this week?  That I completed at least part of my years budget and income goals, two quilt tops, and part of my office spring cleaning.

Looking forward to next week?  Getting at least a some flowers done for my patio and some of my back yard cleaned out. Easter Vigil and then Easter dinner at the in laws.  Relaxing on the patio with the aforementioned reading.

Thankful for today?  Family, friends and church-and the Texas weather. Oh and dogs that think my office is the playroom.


  1. How cute are your dogs!! Love the quilt, cute pattern and fabrics

  2. You've got a lot on the go Barb! I envy you your ability to plant flowers already - we're back to below zero temps at night again. We usually have to wait til May before it's totally safe to plant annuals. I'm dying for some COLOUR!!

  3. I liked the picture of your quilt, not for me, but for my wife. She's been trying to get started on one and so when I showed her your design it gave her that motivation to get started! :)

  4. TB you can tel her I said that is a VERY simple pattern made with "precuts" and could actually be much bigger. a good kind of quilt to begin on.

  5. Jane, its been a very warm spring even for us-Ive been wearing flip flops and short pants on occasion since before March arrived. I need to get started soon.........

  6. Thanks Debby. I have a pile of precuts that I need to get started on-that quilt is actually small but too many of the layer cake pieces were white or cream.


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