Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living Richly In Retirement-A Busy Week!

Just to update the readers, we recently sold the freezer, after some thought.  Rather than eliminate the freezer however, I'm looking at putting that money into a smaller, chest size freezer. Not sure yet whether it will go into the laundry room or garage, but it will be a happy medium and still allow me to shop with my new Costco membership renewal (more on that later)

It's been a busy week or so, in the frugal yet lazy life of a semi retiree:

I've made pantry items in bulk in order to lower my grocery bill and lave more money for the farmers market and other indulgences. Successes have included freezer tomato sauce n two serving proportions (with and without meat), slice and bake cookies and mini pies, flavored rice mixes, freezer white sauce and cream soups (yes, they do freeze).

I've stepped up into making my own clothing-or at least a few pieces making my own clothing, or at least a few pieces. This is cost effective for me because I purchase good fabric on sale with coupons, have decent sewing skills, and find little to fit me above the waist at thrift stores (although I'm loosing weight, my double D physique above requires special consideration). Also, this year seems to be filled with colors that are not "mine". While my sewing might not save me money as compared to Walmart or Target, I prefer a few good pieces that last forever. So for me it's an unfair comparison.  I also enjoy sewing, so it is not a chore

I've been asked to "cater" a luncheon for a church group and I have gone for it. It's a profit making venture for a fairly small group, I'll make some money and since it's a church event most of the legal hurdles are eliminated. Tarragon chicken salad, mandarin orange and greens salad, Cheddar biscuits and mini lemon meringue pies-at ten dollars per person.

I'm doing my own gardening-sort of. After all the kind suggestions I received, I started a container garden on my patio that includes flowers, tomatoes, and some other "small space" fruits and vegetables. It's a happy medium while I explore gardening and decide whether or not raised beds are for me next year. Meanwhile, my money saving in other areas allows me to visit my friendly farmers market for really fresh stuff.

One of the advantages of online university study is that there is no schedule. One of the disadvantages of online university study is that - there is no schedule!  As a retiree who doesn't keep a datebook, just a simple calendar, I'm now in that never never land known to college students as crunch time-two papers and two tests due in the next four days.  Good thing I can write off the top of my head. However, when "we" went to college, I don't remember there being four different methods or systems for paper documentation, depending on the subject.

I've not read anything in the past week in terms of books-fiction or non fiction. For me, I've entered the deprivation zone-the desert of reading if you will. Had I had my dog eaten kindle, I would have been able to order a book without leaving the house. On the other hand, I came home from the library with fiction, non fiction and movies to last a while.  Kindle, I miss you not so very much-at least when I've planned ahead.

I've been spring cleaning in a haphazard sort of way. A little bit here, a little bit there and eventually it will get done.

I've spent an inordinate amount of time on the patio. The weather has been beautiful, and the dogs alone have been providing hours of amusement, never mind my books and that mimosa. Now that poor Trevor the beagle is out of the cone of shame and completely recovered (and realizes that he has finally found his forever home), the two hounds play, wrestle and converse with the neighbor's dog on a regular basis. In his efforts to remind me that he's a puppy, the one year old has chewed a vintage book (left by me on the floor next to the sofa) and dug up a length of soaker hose and made short shrift of it. His favorite toy is a piece of fabric knotted in the middle. Oh to be so easily amused.  With this kind of fun, who needs to go see the Hunger Games (also on my list)

Finally, next week is our annual garage sale, oh the joy.  I've been going room to room making a list so son can pull it all, putting small items in Ziploc bags and so on. I just have to solve the eternal price, or to take it as they come.

Finally, I've shared with my family that should they be inclined to buy a birthday gift months in advance (mine is in September), that Crosby, Stills and Nash will be at Redrocks in Colorado in August and that the tickets go on sale Monday.  Should I figure they listened, or just get them myself (and yes, Redrocks is worth the trip to see a concert, even though they will also appear in Dallas)?

And on that note, tomorrow is yard sale day or rather, the day I go and peruse other people's yard sales. It's also going to be a Red Lobster kind of night, I do believe.  Therefore, off I go to  see if I can finish a John Grisham book in a night and dream  of lobster and butter..............and finding the perfect antique.


  1. I live in Dallas, too! Can't grow spit in this clay soil. And then when I have managed to grow something, the hot weather comes and I don't want to get out there and maintain the little I do manage to produce. Sigh. Container gardening is a good way to go. I will have to try it someday.

  2. My kindle causes me all kinds of grief. My daughter bought the first Hunger Games book which I read and became hooked (I am such an easy target when it comes to books), so then not wanting to wait til the next day to go to the bookstore to buy the 2nd one I downloaded it instead to my kindle but it was only $7.00 so I decided to see how much the third one cost and it was only $5.90 so bought it too! I think my daughter paid around $20 for the first one so I'm feeling smug about my thrifty spendthrift ways :)

  3. hope your containers do well - I'm not too succcessful but I try nearly every year! This year I have both containers and in -ground - the compact tomato in the hanging basket is looking puny so I may put it elsewhere - the other 4 in containers look pretty decent and one even has blooms! I have ereaders and am ashamed I dont' use them as often as I wanted - I get a lot of stuff from the library but they dont' carry everything. I figured I'd like it for the larger print capability and I think one of these days I'll make the near-complete transition. my dogs entertain me too and what little time I seem to have between working overtime, etc I've tried to have the back door open and do some quilting and recently took some knitting classes- have my 4th class Tuesday evening. trying to 'have a life' with this crazy hour stressful job is hard but I have to do something or I'll wake up old one day with nothing to show for it and I sure dont' want that! someone at work told me the thing they admired the most about me was that I was always learning something - martial arts, spanish, quilting..I don't usually stay gung-ho but something new keeps live exciting!
    oh btw, I don't trust big most wanted items to family members taking a hint unless they've shown to be trustworthy in that area LOL!

  4. Ive never had a Kindle but I do have the Kindle ereader on my computer and love downloading ebooks (free from Amazon on their free limited time offer page)to read.


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