Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exercise For The Rest Of Us

Well everyone, its primary time in Texas. The conservatives amongst my readers will probably want to skip to the next part of this missive. My son and I have been sitting here laughing all night long-actually we've been laughing for weeks. There are quite a few primaries, but we have a Senator retiring in our neck of the woods, with competitors for her seat running from the hated "moderate" Republican to someone who stands to the right of ole John Birch.  Heck the tea party candidate is in the middle, ideal wise. And people wonder why I have to join a group called Liberal Ladies Who Lunch. Who would have thought that being a moderate who is good at compromise would be an insult of the highest order?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have been trying to increase my exercise level and decrease my expenses.  Let me say here that I stand in awe of those many bloggers of the high adventure variety. I have nothing but admiration for those among you who bike for miles (often up and down mountains), run marathons, climb rocks and the like. To those people I say "good for you!!".

Unfortunately, that is not me.  At this point in midlife, I'm not liable to become that person (and probably could not even if I wanted to with my smashed knee). I don't particularly enjoy exercise. You know how the trainer, or your friend told you that eventually you wouldn't be able to go a day without exercise, you would miss it so much?  To that I say, hogwash. Given a chance to sleep in rather than exercise, you know what my choice would be. I do miss very much the ability to walk at will (on the land), but I did that slowly, never for the aerobic experience.  I however, live an extremely sedentary life. The nature of the beast is that I spend much of my day online (in a chair), sewing (in a chair) or reading (in a chair). This means that regular exercise HAS to be a part of my routine.  Where other people may get some exercise as part of their daily routine, I often do not.

Add that to the fact that I refuse to pay for a gym, and I live in the southern US, and exercise has it's challenges. For those of you who live in more tolerable climates, walking or running may be a frugal alternative. You may also find a local recreation center or even senior center with low cost classes. After exploring all my free exercise options, I have come up with two solutions that work for me. The first one involves spending a full hour each day in my pool (or rather my homeowners association pool). In theory, I suppose, it isn't free-after all I pay $300 in dues a year. Still, it's cheap at the price and close to home. Every day between nine and ten for half the year, you will find me there.

My other solution, believe it or not, is Utube. Just as I aim to spend less time "connected", I find the perfect solution. After much research, I have found three different alternatives. All of them allow me to exercise in the cool, and each one has it's own advantages.  All together, I found a series of seated yoga classes (one half hour each), a full hour of senior style aerobics, and a seated weight program for the rest of us.

These options have, thankfully, allowed me to exercise for free (at home or close to home) and to vary my exercise options.  Granted, exercising at home may eliminate a social aspect that others may want. I get that social contact in other ways, so I'm all good. Now if I could just get up and out of the house to meet my swim group with a little more speed and alacrity, I would be fine.

Do you exercise?  Regularly? Oh, and the book was purchased for a dollar at a yard sale, and the quilt I made to day-still need to bind it and get it properly photographed.


  1. I love this "exercise" blog...one where you exercise the right to be a (gasp) moderate and also can sit in a chair under the airconditioning while doing yoga. You go girl.

    b (not even moderate...just plain liberal)

  2. Love the quilt!! I too live in the south, outdoor activity is not something you want to do in the summer!! A pool would be a great thing to get to workout in.

  3. Thanks debbie. Unfortunately the quilt has a mistake..sigh. I neglected to cut off the selvege on one of the blue border pieces and i saw it as I was quilting. To leave it as is, or to make some kind of applique over the top..I just cannot decide!

  4. Oh barbara, Im no moderate....I just hate to see people who are able to compromise within our political system treated poorly. Im an east coast progressive at heart-all those years of living in DC you know.

  5. I can exercise (walk) outdoors for about nine months of the year. And I belong to a gym and use an elliptical trainer a few times a week. And I sometimes go to a senior exercise class at the local rec center.

    I was almost completely sedentary until I was 45, so I'm going strong by comparison?

  6. Liberal Ladies Who Lunch? I need a group like that in my small town in Central Texas.


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