Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Lazy Days Of Summer-Sort Of

Here in Texas, I've been settleing into my summer retirement routine.  I've found that because of the Texas weather I have three different routines that affect everything from my sleep habits to my energy level. I tend to keep one kind of schedule in the spring and and fall, one for the summer and a schedule for our (very brief) winter.  Because I take college art classes at least part time during the traditional school year, summer is kind of like summer vacation-and I treat it as such as much as I can. On the other hand, this is the time when I spend my energies on Christmas gifts, canning and, making fall and winter things to sell later. I also generally try and take one long road trip, although I prefer to save them for the spring and fall.

These days my normal sleeping patterns seem to have changed drastically. I am traditionally a night owl, but have been falling asleep by ten or eleven and waking up at seven.  I suspect that I mentally I know that the only cool I will have is in the am (it doesnt cool after dark at night in Texas). Still not a morning person, I move slowly and have my morning wake up beverage, and my breakfast. This is the time I do things areound the house if there are any to be done.  Then at around nine or nine thirty I hit the pool, where I walk for about forty minutes and then sit in the sun (on purpose, with no lotion) just until I am dry.

For the rest of the morning after my shower I "diddle" and "putter".  Translation-I visit my sites and blogs on the computer, check my email, and do whatever the mood strikes.  I eat a later  lunch and almost always sit and read-although during the Euro cup I have been known to watch a football game or two, and always when Germany plays.  I don't always watch TV during the day, but I do allow myself exceptions, after all.

After said lunch (by 2, sometimes by 12) is when I do anything constructive (if I am going to do so). This generally means sewing, planning a trip, writing for a blog or something else. Somedays it may mean canning, such as making blackberry filling. Other days, it may just mean finishing the latest book.  Most days, my project is a single thing, but some days I flit about. I try for two long days of sewing at a minimum and one long day of another big project.

At least one afternoon a week I take off completely and do whatever the mood strikes-this is when I go to the matinee if there is a move that piques my interest. I may meet my quilting friends somewhere, go to a local gallery, or just head back to the pool with friends.  My goal is to take a day trip a week, but I'm not meeting that goal-right now it's generally every other week.  Add to that monthly dinner groups and meet ups, a family wedding and a fourth of July event, and I'm about as busy a retiree as I want to be. A homebody at heart, just give me my dogs and my patio and I am good to go.

Weekends, I have no schedule other than going to church and attempting to keep Sunday as quiet day.  Today was actually a busy day, as I sewed, yard saled and worked in the yard. Here we are at seven in the evening and I am more than ready go relax-except that in a temporary moment of insanity I volunteered to brng mini lemon meringue pies to the youth bake sale. We also cut the bush next to my chair down by half-I dont have a before picture, but the thing was a monster-I filled two large leaf bags with granches and dealt with more with the leaf blower. On the other hand, my beautiful trees started shedding bark today because of the heat-time to seriously mulch and soak the poor babies.

Finally, I am looking for some wisdom from my readers. If you are taking cholesteral medicine (no matter the brand) would you mind sharing any side effects you may be having? I've been taking a statin for two months and have light muscle pain and exhaustion that correlates to the start of my medication. I'm curious how many others have the same experience.

Oh, and in defense of shopping "used", the once very expensive dress above was purchased at a yard sale for three dollars, along with four others. The woman I purchased from had lost one hundred eighty pounds to my seventy, and along with increasing my wardrobe, she gave me hope.  Who says shopping second hand is no fun!


  1. I love shopping second hand. I have a dress in the closet right now that I am going to cut in two, making a top and a skirt out of it. I got it last summer and wore it a few times but decided I'd like two pieces better. I also have to Route 66 shirts I need to sew stay buttons to the collar so my husband will wear them. All good quality clothes I would not have bought otherwise because I couldn't afford them. Well, BTW Congratulations on the weight loss.

  2. I had severe leg muscle pain when taking a statin and it is considered a serious side effect. My doctor had me stop taking it immediately. Hope you will contact your doctor ASAP about this symptom.

    On another note, the patio looks great and congrats on finding four dresses! Way to go.

  3. I love your daily routine... It sounds ideal to me! :) Laing weight is hard work! 70 lbs is just awesome!! Keep on going! :) I love that fabric...I had a charm pack of it but it's gone.. I'm tempted to buy some for myself as I love it so much!!! :)

    The dress is lovely! Great buy!!

  4. Sue, I have a heck of a problem with used clothing because I am still a "plus size" when I find something I am thrilled!

  5. Juhli thanks so much for sharing. I dont have severe pain, just minor muscle pain here and there-still working on the correlation. Ideally with excercise and eating I would like to go off both the cholesterol and blood pressure meds. Ill probably be on my thyroid med forever.

  6. Cara I am going to see if I can find more of the origins because that is what I am going to make pillows and coffee table covers for my living room out of. All I have are those three squares and a pillow cover. I love basic gray fabrics period.

  7. I also had real issues with statins. My doctor tried me on all of them before she bout killed me, then fired me (as a patient) because I refused to take them anymore. Try CoQ10 for leg cramps. Mine never went away.

    I just retired June 1st!! and am loving it.

  8. My husband and his brother both had real problems with statins. I don't know if you like links in comments, so I'll just say that if you go to the blog of happyhealthylonglife with a .com, the medical librarian who writes the blog has several posts about statins that might be helpful. She writes in a conversational tone that's easy to read, too.


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