Friday, June 15, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, this has been a slow, relaxing, at home week.   I enjoy travel, exploration, socializing and the arts.  All of those are regular parts of life.  The best part of retirement, even a working retirement, is the ability to stay home and nest-for as long as I like.  This has been one of those weeks. With a couple exceptions, I have not left my house (except to take neighborhood walks on occasion) and it has been lovely.  I've been reading, relaxing, and very much being a homebody and a homemaker (sort of).

For someone who despises house cleaning, organization and most yard work, my enjoyment of other so called "home arts" could be considered illogical. I enjoy the creativity part (and it keeps me in a bit of cash), but have to force myself to do the maintenance and cleaning part by scheduling it into my day. To those of you to whom God gave either my organizational skills or my musical ability, I can only say bless you.

On the cooking front, it's time to start the first canning of the season. Since we all love blueberries and blackberries, I decided to make blueberry pie filling. That and some pickles will keep me busy for June (I stick with real canning rather than freezer jam).  Other than that, I promised miniature lemon meringue pies for the church youth bake sale.  We've been doing a lot of grilling of course, but that just requires some marinades thrown together and a salad and whatever fresh fruit and veg we have on hand. And of course, ice cream. And smores.

During my down time on the patio, I've been reading travel books and even a couple RV books by women who travel along. While it is never my intention to do RV travel, I do find it interesting to read about others who travel on the open road alone. I've promised to write more about "single retirement" from a positive slant, and I'll be sharing my travel experiences soon.   It's about time or a new mystery-it seems to be feast or famine with release dates and the next large bunch of new releases will be at the end of the summer, so I am exploring unread mystery authors - if you have suggestions, feel free to share.

Most if not all of my sewing this week has been for other folks.  I have a high school client who is preppy yet wants his high school mascot on his bed, so Ive been working on this burgundy master piece!  Add a doll quilt in progress, a golf themed mug rug for father's day, and two sets of place mats and napkins and you can tell my sewing room has been busy this week. Next week it will continue, only I need to add some personal time. I have a dining room window waiting for curtains, and a coffee table waiting for a new throw.

As always, today was yard sale day, and time to leave the house. In addition to items to resell, I'm looking for a blender and a small toaster oven (items which I let a child take to their new abode and then decided I needed after all).  Yard sale pickings were slim today, as it rained last night and I guess folks didn't want to lay things on the wet grass. The first four we went to were non existent. On the other hand, this little paperback bible study book was fifty cents and will resell on amazon for $55.00.  Makes getting up in the morning worthwhile.

Other than that, I've been watching the summer shows on the "commercial" cable channels (TNT and the like) along with the Hatfields and McCoys. I've also been happily watching Germany win in the Euro cup, and I am ashamed to say that my son has drawn me into the basketball finals-me a girl who normally gives up basketball after March Madness.  This has kept me on the couch more than one evening.

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, a friend suggested I branch out to soaps and personal products or fun and profit. So I've been researching brown sugar and vanilla, and lemon poppy seed soaps, along with body sugars and salves and lotion.  I always knew I needed another hobby!

This weekend (tomorrow) it will be time to venture out a bit more. Third Monday trade days, an art fair, more yard sailing, church events and the pool will all be calling to me over the weekend. Then who knows, it may be back to my nest next works for me.


  1. I am so looking forward to "nesting" it isn't funny! And like you I have sewing, canning, and other homecrafting projects lined up to tackle as soon as we get settled. BTW love the fabric in your pictures!

  2. ooh the rv books sound interesting - could you share the titles please? I doubt I'll ever RV myself but I find it fascinating to travel and have you own little home travel along!

    I haven't ventured to canning - not sure I could do it! but who knows maybe one of these days - I was never wild about canned pickles as a kid - my mom tried different ones and we never really found anything we liked.


  3. To be able to stay at home for a whole week sounds like a dream come true!!! We had an RV years ago when our DD's were little and we traveled a lot. I loved it to death. No packing and unpacking, I knew the place was clean and what detergent was used, we could still eat home cooked meals and use our $$ for other things. With gas as high as it is now I don't know if it would be a money saver these days

  4. Instead of books, there are also some bloggers who are solo Rvers.

    Ann M

  5. Ann, thanks for the lsiting of blogs, I will check them out. I am at heart a book person, much as I love the internet. And Ill probably never be on the open road for THAT long, but its nice to check out.

  6. Susannah, once I read them I will share the best and the least i you will...just begun perusing. Honestly I dont plan to make pickles that much as we are not pickle eaters-although pickled carrots and the like could be interesting.

  7. This guy at work brings pickled carrots - kinda spicy - not sure how his wife makes them though.


  8. I love the idea of independent RVing, though I have to say that the blogs seem to spend an inordinate number of posts on RV breakdowns.

    For mysteries, I like the WWI aftermath Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear, which need to be read in order.

    Also, the Barbara Holloway lawyer mysteries by Kate Wilhelm (not to mention her other mysteries and all of her science fiction as well).

  9. Oh I love the flip flop fabric at the bottom of your post, do you remember where you found it? I would like to get some. I am thinking of changing my bathroom to flip flop theme.

    Also as Anonymous said I would like to know more about the rv books.


  10. Lilac, unfortunately the group is from the beginning of last summer and I never used it until now. I will have to look and see if I can find it. I did get it online at Fabric If you go to their website and type in flip flops, a few options should come up.


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