Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Musings

Thoughts on a Saturday afternoon:

  •  I "yard sale" most Saturdays (and Fridays) that I am home, for fun and profit. I search for books and other items to resell, as well as those items on my house wish list and other treasures I might like. For those of you just getting into yard sailing, the nature of the beast is that it is feast and famine. The same is often true of thrift store and swap meet shopping. Last Saturday, I made a large haul that included three television series, three xbox video games, and a large pile of books-all that sold for much more than I paid (just to give you an idea, the first season of Home Improvement was purchased for $3.00 and sold for $20.00 on Amazon). On the other hand, this Saturday, at the end of my rounds I have a total of one video and three books, and finding those took a great deal of searching. Of course, the fact that the video cost twenty five cents and will sell for over twenty dollars helps a bit.
  • After living a total of fifteen years in Europe, it should not be surprising that I spend my Saturday afternoon watching the Euro cup and preparing for Germany to play Portugal. I'm happy to see that football (soccer to the rest of ya) is finally catching on with the Yanks.  More importantly I am thrilled to see that when it comes to kids sports, the numbers playing American football is falling. Those who are deciding to play soccer are rising exponentially. It doesn't hurt my watching that the former German Team Captain (who shares my birthday) is on of the three anchors.  What can I say, ladies, eye candy!
  • When it comes to nutritional advice (and medication use) you cannot win, all you can do is make the best choice possible.  Red wine is good for my heart, but increases my danger of breast cancer. My medication lowers my cholesterol, but its side effects include symptoms of exhaustion. All I can do is evaluate each one on a case by case basis. On the other hand, I now have excuse to eat pumpkin pie, as pumpkins (and blueberries and salmon) are on the short list of "super foods" 
  • I'm struggling to incorporate some money making tactics into my small business-one that is basically based on creativity. Left to my own devices, I would create a single beautiful item and moved on to the second. These days, I make multiple items in different colors and fabrics, dovetailing tasks. It works and everything I make is still well received, but it takes some thinking to remember to do this. I'm also going against my natural nature and actually scheduling sewing and writing time, so that I have plenty of material for fall sales and publications-who would have thought.
  • This evening is my monthly dinner group. Every month, I'm appreciative of a social outing that costs nothing more than my food contribution and enables me to have wonderful food and conversation with a varying group of people. If I didn't have something like this, I'd have to come up with it.
  • One of my volunteer obligations is to act as a liaison between my church and this organization which provides summer camp, outreach services, after school care and the like to an extremely high risk area. Right now I'm trying to create cheap or free to me craft solutions for the kids. The nature of the beast is that some of the time when they are in the classroom they are self entertaining during the summer. Right now I'm cutting paper plates so that the kids can make and decorate paper plate fish. I may go in for a day and teach the older kids how to make "goo" and let them each take some home.
  • Finally, Each week I concentrate on cleaning one area of my house-I don't obsess  and don't get every thing in that area done. I do what I can here and there and the rest of the time I do my basic weekly (read bathrooms, dust and vacuum) cleaning routine. This week, I haven't even cleaned the glass tray in my microwave.........oops!


  1. Your list is exactly what I want to do when we get settled--garage saleing for fun and profit, hosting a monthly dinner for friends, and volunteering. Sounds like a wonderful set of things to do!

  2. You keep yourself busy for sure!! I too am not much for mass producing my quilts and such, it's much more fun to try something new and of course with new fabric. My girls keep after me to join ETSY but I am not ready to take the jump yet,


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