Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Plans-June

A new month has arrived.....the beginning of the three months of summer.  I've been on auto pilot for the last month or so with school and other things going on. I do enjoy all the season's and don't want to let the summer just "go by". To that end, I'm forcing myself to make some definite plans on all fronts-we'll see how it goes.

  • I'm committing to taking at least one day trip (and one overnight if I can fit it in the budget), during June. I have some built in travel in July and a planned trip in August. Awhile back I purchased a couple "weekend escape" type books and intend to take full advantage of them this summer.
  • Locally, I'm committing to doing something new, different and out of the house (apart from church dinners and quilting lunches) each week. A trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards, the arboretum-who knows?
  • I have a list of movies (theater and home) that I need to watch. The same with books to read. I'll say here that I will be there at opening night for Prometheus and Batman rising. Other than that, my 22 year old has committed to watching every movie in the AFI top 100 list, as well as Kiss Of the Spider Woman. What better time than summer to catch a few.
  • I've decided to drop my art course and take the summer off. I'll return to the classroom in the fall, but only for the fun classes from now on.
  • I'm going to commit to one canning/preserving projectd, if not two. I've had the supplies for quite awhile, have seen some wonderful recipes, and am raring to go. I'm thinking homemade barbecue sauce and either blueberry walnut or cherry pecan conserve, but who knows?
  • I need to swim at least five days a week. This has been a down week due to thunderstorms and sleeping late. I feel so much better when I go, I love the brief time sitting in the sun afterwards-its just a good start to my day.
  • Turning to the business income front-I'm committing to one large project a week and at least five smaller ones (such as the custom mug rugs I'm making today).I need to be prepared for fall craft fairs and to use every opportunity to sell, as I build an emergency fund.
  •  I'm also committing spending one full day on business marketing for my errand business-reaching out to companies and so on
  • Also on the income front, I need to get everything on my dining room table listed. Fortunately I don't use the big table on a daily basis and I do try not to have it be a catchall. Right now I have piles of things to list and sell. there's a need to photograph pile, a photographed but not listed pile, and a listed but not put away pile. I've aquired a large pile of vintage cookbooks and sewing patterns and I need to get them sold.
  • When it comes to the house, I need to figure out why one toilet is not refilling-out of my area of expertise. I also want to get those lovely chairs painted (and some before and after pictures), and try and get down some more mulch everywhere before the serious heat arrives.
  • Finally, I need to plan for the rest of the summer. I have a wedding and a weekend trip in July, and a trip through route 66 to Santa Fe and Denver in August (a brief respite). Funds need to be found, routes need to be planned.........a little organization is in order.
Whew!! That's a lot of business....................guess I should think about getting to it...........eventually.


  1. Your errand business?
    How about advertising that you will shop for the family the day before they return from a vacation? I am thinking that many like to have that fresh produce - but too tired to get out and get it right away. Produce, milk and bread run. It would be worth it to me!

  2. Sounds like you're going to be one busy lady!! lol! Good luck with getting everything listed... I want to list some items on kijiji but am wondering if I should try eBay?

  3. Janette, that sounds like a lovely idea. I am really trying for repeat customers, no one offs. These days I am advertising mainly to businesses that may have employees who want to buy into a "friday concierge" or tooffer it for their employees.

  4. Carla, I have given up on ebay. I may regret it but the fees they charge to small sellers are just too much. I have a vintage etsy store where I sell things as well as my craft store. My problem is only the big things like my iron yard chairs.

  5. You know what, you are such a could we possibly live without goals? Loved your list.


  6. That's a heck of a list!!! Once school is out I plan on getting mine together then hit the floor running, so much to do before the heat gets fired up down south

  7. Hi, Barb... I found it interesting that you included, on your list, watching movies and reading books. Up here in Central Oregon, where the weather is so very great during the summer, we spend most of our time on outdoor activities. Watching movies and reading books are for the winter months. Bill

  8. Bill, I live in a climate that is more than "clement" all year (for lack of a better phrase). Because I am much further south, I dont have the darkness issues you do in the winter although it obviously gets darker and cooler to some extent. I can be outside year around with perhaps the exception of January. Ive been wearing flip flops since February. So I dont have a hibernation issue (as I did in Germany in the winter)-and in August there will be days when I am not outside after ten am and before eight pm. I guess im saying that ive already been doing outside things for months......

  9. I guess I should shut off my computer now and do something - or not. Great list.


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