Monday, June 11, 2012

This Week In My (Frugal) Retirement

Even in retirement, it seems that some weeks are "feast" and some weeks "famine".  I often blog about all the fun things one can do on a budget, listing my outings.  It only seems fair to show the so called other side. The truth is that for every week like last week, there are weeks like the coming one. It's only right to show that as a frugal gal, there are many those weeks when I barely leave the house except for church and shopping. This would appear to be one of those weeks. It does have to be said though, that weeks like this are the result of lifestyle in retirement, not necessarily a lack of money.

Last week, I was out of the house for a meet up group, a midnight movie opening, a fish fry and silent auction, and a monthly dinner group. All of this for the price of a five dollar dinner ticket for the fish fry (admittedly the movie was a treat from offspring), and an appetizer for eight. Add that to my sewing, water aerobics, online money making adventures, reading and just life in general, and you end up with a pretty busy week, at least for me. So busy, that the larder is almost empty and four nights in a row son and I have looked at each other at about four PM and wondered what we were going to do about dinner-before he ran to the store.

This week I have much that I would like to do, but my retirement week will be a bit more relaxed-mainly because much of it will be spent at home. Today, I spent most of the day listing items purchased at yard sales or sewn by me online.  A bit of a slow process, and admittedly the part I like least of all when it comes to my income streams. I enjoy the buying, cleaning, and photographing portion of vintage shopping, and I obviously enjoy the creative part of the other business. This part is the least fun, and why I tend to save it for Monday.

Tuesday will be mainly a down day. The first part of the day is bill paying day (hello social security), other than that, I intend to act like a retired lady and swim and sit by the pool, read a book, and generally simply "chill out". I suppose at some point I should come up with a few meals so that I can shop for more than one day at a time...or not! I may or may not sew, depending on my energy level. I have committed myself to one larger and five to ten smaller projects each week, but I will hit them as the mood hits. Tuesday nite is my guilty pleasure TV night on TNT.

Wednesday morning I will be breaking my daytime watching rule so that I can watch Germany play the Netherlands in the Euro cup (actually, I may watch other games as time permits, but this one I am committed to-as in sitting down, grabbing the munchies and the bon bons). Then a quick swim and I plan to hit the sewing table and knock out two place mat and napkin sets, two doll quilts and some NFL dog bandannas.

Thursday will be played completely by ear-its the day before yard sale shopping and is usually my midweek down day. It's the day I make my yard sale shopping list, and almost always grill a nice meal. Other than that, this is one of those sit around and sip margarita days-with a little sewing thrown in (before the beverages, hopefully). I'm also overdue for a decent novel, I've been reading books on my kindle about things like guerrilla marketing for free and boy do I need a break.

Friday will be morning yard sailing mainly for books to resell, but also for other items that we may need to have in the house. The afternoon will be spent finishing up sewing projects and online writing so that I can treat the weekend like the weekend as much as possible.

And as for the weekend, well, who knows? If I have the energy, the huge trade days market. If there was a movie I knew was worth while I would go to a morning movie, but instead I may rent something. As always, the pool, the patio, the dogs, my sewing and the books will be there.

And there you have it...a boring week of frugal retirement. Obviously my week has other activities interspersed. Some housecleaning, a bit of vacation planning and writing, perhaps some work on my one year and five year plan.  All and all though, a very simple week, with low spending (except of course for those pesky monthly bills).

So yes, sometimes a frugal retirement has it's slow side, as well. Sometimes, the slow side is the best part.

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  1. HA, dosn't sound like so much of a slow week to me!! I am looking forward to some down time in the near future, only one more day of school!


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