Monday, July 9, 2012

Frugal Semi-Retirement: Working, But In My Jammies

 Today I have a confession to make.  It's one thirty in the afternoon and I still have on my jammies. What's more, I'm not sorry, and I don't feel bad about that fact. For those of you who have visions of a stereotypical slothful retiree right about now, hear me out.  I promise, there's no depression, filth or bon bons involved (at least up to this point today). Heck, I've brushed my teeth, combed my hair, even made my bed! Not only that, I've accomplished quite a bit of work up to this time. Probably as much or more than many retirees/work at home boomers.

This morning, I got up when the pup woke me (around seven), grabbed my morning beverage and went out side on the patio. I spent a good half an hour to forty five minutes watching the dog chase the rabbits that visited during the night and chatting with the neighborhood dogs. I visited with my college student when he came out with his coffee. I watered the plants, and even made a couple notes in my notebook. I ate breakfast and did a general morning put away (some folks put everything as is before bed. I'm the girl who goes to bed and leaves the hot chocolate cup or wine glass on the coffee table and deals with it in the morning).  I did the aforementioned ablutions, and then moved into the office. Since that time I have: finsished a quilt, written a quilt pattern, photgraphed things for listings, checked my blogs, written and article and a few other things.  All in the comfort of my jammies, with a drink at hand. I've sent said college student to the store for groceries.  Now I've taken my afternoon break, still  in said pajamas and am deciding what to do about lunch. This afternoon, my time will be spent quilting and then reading the new free book I downloaded to my kindle until dinner.  I'm still trying to decide when and if I will actually "get dressed" today.

In fairness, it's worth noting a couple things here.  First, I shower in the evenings and I'm not one of those folks who need to feel the stream of water on my face to "wake up".  I was married to such a man and my son is the same way-it may be a guy thing. Second, this is not a "well, she lives alone, what if her husband was still around" thing.   My husband would have taken the shower and then walked around in boxers and a t unless he was leaving the house. In other words he would not have objected and I haven't "let myself go." .  Third, I sleep in presentable clothing-flannel pj sets and long gowns that border on loungers. Meaning that if there's an emergency, I'm not necessarily dying of embarrasment if the fireman breaks down the door. If I slept in underwear or in the nude with a robe thrown over, it might be a different thing.  Fourth, as mentioned before, I do the other "morning routines" mentioned above.  Fifth and finally, my days are pretty firmly divided between "out of the house and seeing people days" and stay at home and work and read days.  Not by design necessarily but more a natural progression. I also dont have kids at home and have to worry about the neighborhood kids coming to play, if you will.

Why my pjs you may ask?  Well, it's simple.  They are THE most comfortable things I own, bar nothing. Not even my winter sweats are more comfortable. When I'm at home for the day, with no need to go out there is nothing more comfy to wear while I am puttering and sewing and so on. Many folks (especially the work at home gurus) would suggest that in order to be constructive and motivated you need to get dressed, tie your shoes and put on makeup. I dont know about you, but I retired because I don't want to do many of that any more-unless I want to.  Frankly, my work (and play) energy is more affected by body clock issues scheduling and weather (I work less when its cloudy or gray outside) than it is by what I wear.  Now, if I never brushed my teeth, combed my hair or ate properly, those folks might have a point.

I dont stay in my jammies every day, even those at home days.  It depends on my mood.  Today my mood was a jammies day-because after all, whats the point of retirement if you can't hang in your jammies once in awhile.


  1. Barb,

    I totally get this post, and am having a similar day myself. When I have a super busy day, such as I had yesterday, I luxuriate in having a day to simply putter around the house, which for me primarily means online travel research, blogging, reading, needlepoint and baking. By tomorrow I'll be back to wanting to go-go-go, but for today I'm content to simply stay put.

  2. Tamara-yep, tomorrow i have swimming and I have to get fabric to finish two projects, and hit church since Ive been gone to weekeds. It will be up and dress and out.

  3. Jammie days are the best!!There is something sinfully fun that maybe only us gals get. Ha

  4. I work at home and basically every day is a jammies day -- kind of. I don't wear jammies (sorry if that's TMI), but when I get up I put on sweatpants or a robe. I get dressed only if I want to go out.
    Thank goodness I don't have to dress in office-type clothes any longer. I'm built for comfort, not for speed.

  5. Barb, it might actually be a girl thing. I think it's luxurious when I spend a day in my PJ's, but if my husband spends the day in his boxers-well, he must be coming down with something???? :)


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