Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Learning to Be A Barter Queen-And Happy 4th!!

At the beginning of June, my church had a silent auction and fish fry.  Sponsored by the men of the church, the purpose is to raise money for various outreach programs and to help fund the removation of our youth center. I "won" four tickets to see the Texas Rangers vs the Baltimore Orioles. With no disrespect to the Washington Nationals, like many long term residents, our team is the Orioles.

Unfortunately, I failed to realize that my daughter will not return from her three week European trip with her boyfriend until after this game.  While my son and I could use two if we decide to go, any friends or family that like baseball are not able to go to this game (they live further away and this is a Tuesday night). I did get good deal with my bid-I got four lower box seats (a 280 dollar value) for $125.  Still, I saw no reason to let two box seats to a team that is probably on it's way to the World Series to go to waste.  I must have watched too many episodes of "Barter King, because instead of listing the tickets in the tickets by owner section of craigslist, I listed them in the barter section.

My ad said that I would make a trade for dog grooming or care, lawn or household services, or to make an offer. Low and behold the offers have been rolling in! I have had an offer for carpet cleaning, yard work, dog grooming and handiman services.  Having a dog with cancer and the side effects that implies, I imagine we will trade the tickets for carpet cleaning of our family room and formal living room and dining room (read, office and quilt station).  This is the first time I have done anything beyond the occasional neighborhood barter. If this is a sucess, I will certain look to barter again-including my own business service.

Meanwhile here I am in retirement having a semi working holiday. I tend to procrasinate on big projects, and so today I need to machine bind a queen sized quilt and add some other quilting in order to give it to the client tomorrow.  This is a "high school" quilt for a boy who is also preppy, so we have plain and stripes along with mascots.

Other than that we are having a relaxing day. I just taught my son how to make waffles from scratch rather than from a box.  We may do some minor yard work.  Dinner will be country ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, green salad and homemade lemon meringe pie. We have an empty space in between our housing association and the main drag, and if we choose to go and see the fireworks, we will load up a couple chairs and head down the street. Or perhaps we'll take pity on our poor hounds and watch the shows and fireworks on TV.   As I mentioned elsewhere, twenty five years in Washington DC have inured me to most fireworks. While they are lovely, it's not the same.

I hope you all have a lovely fourth as well, whatever you are doing.


  1. Happy 4th to you. I love your graduation quilt!!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I've been itching to get back to doing fine craft work, and just started a needlepoint project for my daughter, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

    Our 4th was a lot of fun here in S. California. Hubby, daughter and I rode our bicycles along the coast and into Huntington Beach, where a portion of the main road, Pacific Coast Highway, had been closed down to cars for the holiday. It was a hoot to pedal down the wide open boulevard and observe the general craziness the holiday seemed to bring out in people. Afterward we enjoyed an ocean side picnic with our daughter before heading for home.


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