Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Times You Win Some............

As I mentioned in a previous post, this weekend I traveled five hours to a family wedding. I had a wonderful time, and saw all the relatives on my husband's side of the family. Even though some of us live just a few hours apart, we rarely get together (all of us)except for special evenst and holidays. We all have busy lives, and have to make special efforts to get together. All in all it was a lovely weekend.

On another level, the weekend brought home a few things for me. It was a reminder that frugality and creativity go hand in hand, especially when it involves looking at things a new way. It was also a reminder of something I tend to forget which is that putting things off, or waiting until the last minute generally increases the money I spend.

My brother in law announced his engagement at Christmas, and the July date a month or so later.  Since this was a formal wedding for the participants (tux for the guys, long formals for bridal party), I was concerned about what I would wear. I spent a fair amount of time looking online at dresses. My problem was that all the so called formal styles were something I would never wear again. They were expensive, and I was already going to be eating out once or twice and paying for a hotel two nights. The alternative was a more simple dress accessorized. Somewhere in the middle of my dilemna I realized two things. First, this was an outdoor wedding. In July. In Houston, Texas. Whatever I wore was most likely going to be wet at the end of the ceremony, one way or the other. Then I realized that most of the guests were friends of my brother and future sister in law whom I had never met before-and if they had seen what I wore already....so be it.  I have quite a few dresses, and dresses that I like. I ended up taking two dresses with me (neither of them the dresses previously shown from the yard sale). They were perfect. I felt great wearing them. My weekend was fashionable and free (when it comes to attire).  The dress I wore to the actual wedding is the one in the new picture.

Of course, into every life.........!  As I said, I've known about this wedding since January, and the date soon after. I made hotel reservations (at the wedding rate), long ago.  I planned when we would go, reminded my daughter to take off work, did all the things I needed to do.  Except one thing.  Which I remembered last weekend (the first of the month).  That was when I looked at the two dogs lying in front of me and said (sorry folks), "Oh shit, what about the dogs???".  After scrambling, I realized that the hotel was dog friendly but we would be checking out prior to the Sunday morning wedding, so that free option was not a solution. I would have to pay money.  My next step was to contact all the local dog boarding locales-where I was gently reminded that it was a holiday weekend. I finally found a location that had space-at $70.00 a night for two dogs. Ouch!!  This was one of those times when there was no option, and the expensive thing had to be done.  It doesn't happen to often in my life, but when it does it happens with a bang!

At least I didn't spend two hundred dollars on clothes and accessories!  Next time (hopefully) I'll be more prepared.

Meanwhile on the house option, my realtor has suggested that if in fact I want to think about selling, I would be wise to do it during the summer.  I'll get more money and most people want to move to my area because of the schools-meaning they will want to move before school starts.  She's not pushing me per se, but the subject is on my mind now.  I'm stuck between staying and seeing if I can make it with my business (and probably making less if I figure the answer is no in January) or walking away when I'm not quite sure.  The decisons never end. I've also, just out of curiousity, put out feelers about temporary rentals-just to see what my options were. Choices, choices.


  1. It can be hard to make a big decision like selling one's house can't it? From your previous posts though it sounds like you really have already decided that is what you need to do and timing is the issue. I hope you get good feedback on potential rentals to help you make your decision.

  2. Barb, I noticed your comment on my blog about coming to Tucson. I wanted you to know that I posted a reply for you. Here is what I said:

    "This park is pet friendly and all the RV spaces on the front row allow pets. If you are renting, they have a section of the park that allows pets. If you have a cat you can live anywhere as long as the cat is indoors. You can walk your cat in the pet zone or just outside the RV park gates. We keeps our inside the car port and there seems to be no problem."

    I would be glad to email more information if you are interested. I am not in business doing this but would love to have wonderful snowbird neighbor like you.


    Just for your information!

    b (a Barbara too)

  3. Barbara, honestly I am still just exploring options, but one option is to rent (here in denver) and then purchase this at sometime in the future. Honestly, I have two concerns-the first being the dog and the second being that I am used to living in multigenerational, multi cultural communities. in other words, I LIKE the kids runnign outside my door going to and from school. But my primary concern would be the dogs-where I go, they go, lol.

  4. As much as you enjoy your back yard it would be so hard to give up your home. Rentals in our area have really gone up in price. So many people have lost their homes over the past few years that has driven up the costs

  5. We went to a wedding last month. B wore a dress she had in the closet, but she made ME go rent a tux. (I could've gotten away with my suit; really, I could have; there were a cpl. of other guys there with suits). Cost me $170! Jeez!

    But at least she cajoled her son into coming over and taking care of the dog for us.

    You're certainly right about something else too: The decisions never end.

  6. Not speaking to where, specifically, B - Barb lives---but Tucson is wonderfully young and multi cultural. I think you might like it---ALOT. With he University as a center life is young and fun!

  7. Debby, truth fully and honestly, I love my patio and I like ht eprivacy, but I dont love my back yard. I need some back yard for the dogs..onmy own i would be happy for a nice patio and a small stretch of grass rather than this yard. rentals have gone u and some of the rentals I am looking at ate the same cost as my house-but I dont have to paint, replace the garage door opener, replae the hot water heater or put in a four thousand dollar air conditioner.

  8. Janette. she has been kind enough to share with me where she lives. I imagine I would love the area. Im not sure I woudl like a living situation where everyone was my age and older. I could be wrong, who knows. But riht now I like seeing the kids walk by my front door to school, the teenage marching band going down the street and the like. Its something I would have to look at carefully.


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