Monday, July 16, 2012

This and That

Well,  I finally got another project done and listed. My goal of listing an item every day (both on the blog and  my online shop) has certainly fallen by the wayside the last week or so, with the wedding and everything else. Of course I was constructive and took pictures of my unfinished objects so that I would have a reminder of things that needed to be done. I am in love with these placemats. The fabric also has some other coordinates that are tossed with bathing suits and such that I am going to into coasters or hot pads.

This lovely, beautiful table runner has a long history (at least a year!). Last year, one of my online friends who lives in London asked me to make her a fall runner. Because I had enough fabric, I made two, one for myself or to sell and one for her to have.  Well..............................First her lovely card and payment did not arrive.  She and her husband sent a second card, which did arrive. Only then, I mailed the thing and she never received it. It must be a conspiracy, because normally mail to England is not so difficult. I had forgotten about the second one until I was going through my inventory the other day. Fear not, this beauty is on it's way this week, if I have to ship it international express.

In the interest of cleaning and doing a tiny bit of staging, I began with my bedroom. there used to be a file cabinet, a shelf and a chair that was really nothing but a trash collector in this room.  Now, it is much more open and will be easier to clean. The only excess furniture is an old coffe table that rolls up and down. For now I keep my finished artwork and my carry all here for lack of a better place. Move or stay I have to figure something out. And ask for a large portfolio for my birthday.

Although my intentions were good, I have yet to make my pie filling.  Frankly, I got side tracked. Part of that was my need to read cookbooks from front to back like novels.  Three new canning books had me reading instead of canning. So many choices, so little time. Hopefully, I'll get those blueberries tomorrow.

And finally, I have not been to the pool in four whole days. So barring thunder, sleet, lightening, or hail tomorrow I'll be jumping in the water for an hour or so.

What have you been up to this Monday?


  1. My two granddaughters are spending the day so we got out ALL of my art boxes and just went wild. It has been good. The nine year old made a summer photo album that folds into a small square. She will have so much fun with it. I was a teacher so I know a lot of different and simple art techniques that have served me well in my Grandmotherhood!

    Be well.


  2. The house is looking good--and so are the projects.
    I spent the day on the phone with my family! My ear hurts- still!

  3. So enjoyed your photo's, with each one I would find a piece or two of fabric I have as well! Ha Glad to know I am not the only one who ends up reading cookbooks cover to cover, later I go back and mark what I want to try


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