Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Update-And Tuesday Tidbits

The whole purpose in making a plan is so  that it can be adjusted as needed in advance. Or so I tell myself. In the past few days I have had intensive conversations with my adult child (who thinks it was a mistake to sell my house), my realtor (who thinks it would be a mistake to sell my house now), and my women's support group (all of whom remind me that I now have a job and an increasing business and that I will pay the same amount in rent). I'm a person who knows her own mind, but can appreciate that others have realistic input.  To that end, I made an appointment to speak with my inlaws tomorrow and get their opinion, and possibly their help (that savvy brother I spoke of is deliberately incommunicado in Europe for three more weeks) I've also sat down and figured ways that I can cut expenses and how my income will increase in the next few months (a $500 car payment will be gone, for example).  I am very bad at long at the long term picture in life scenarios -call it what you will. I will keep you in the loop.

Edited to add:  I need to be clear that my intention is still to most likely sell my home unless things change. I am uncomfortable living month to month, and even with the aformentioned decreases in income, I would not have a cushion. It could be presented with the same situation in a couple months and be in the same place-I would not like that to happen.

I missed four days of my one hour water exercise routine, and believe it or not I have actually missed it!  This is surprising to me. Normally I have to force myself to do any exercise at all, and I do it for health purposes rather than enjoyment. I know that moving regularly is necessarily both for physical and mental health. I suspect that I have missed my routine as much for the companionship as anything else-there are generally four or five of us walking back and forth.  Of course one cannot ignore the fact that it's summer in texas and water has it's own reward. No matter the reason, I'll continue to make every effort to get there at least five days a week.

It's difficult to try and create unique quilt designs when one is math challenged. I am one of those people who understands a few basic concepts but cannot do basic computations in her head-at all. My son is like me and my daughter is like her late dad-just the opposite. I see the colors and the idea in my head, but I'm still working at learning how to draw them and figure out measurements-as well as write instructions in a sensible manner. This is one of my personal challenges for the summer (along with canning and learning to weave). I'd love to make my own unique patterns as well as be able to sell those patterns to others. (I've made a business plan to share with relatives and friends).

As a book girl and a frugal person, I am liking my kindle more and more each day, especially since a friend shared pixel of ink with me via facebook. This site shows five free kindle books three times a day. While you could search through the amazon free library , these are usally books that are temporarily free for a day or so and range from fiction to fifty summer salads. Admittedly there are times when I am desperate for something to read and do the iclick thing on the kindle. I still stick to mainly paper books for non fiction though-for some reason I have the need to "feel" a reference book.

Occasionally in business (or anywhere) one has to take a risk. I did so this past weekend. a woman had seventeen boxes of books for five dollars a box. Normally we scan books and pick out the ones we want to resell. This time I took a chance. While I have had no standouts in the boxes so far, there have been some sellers here and there. I also found series of both fiction and non fiction that I will try and sell on craigslist or elsewhere. Also, we've found the more things we have listed, the more we sell on Amazon (it's a stagnation issue, I guess).

I remdinded myself that I need to adjust the registration for fall. Ignoring previous advice to self that I shared on here-I am currently registered for 15 semester hours. Ackk! Note to self: one cannot travel, work on a seasonal busines, chill out as needed and just life life when taking 15 semester hours of art class. Time to cut that down to two courses-today!

Projects for today:  finish my business plan, work in the yard, ask son to help me make a light box for photography as Suzanne did here, and read my new Alex Kava mystery out on the patio.   What does your retirement day look like?


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  2. Good luck on the business plan. Having a $500 car payment go away is going to be awesome!

  3. Whew! I am relieved that you are going over the plan at least one more time!

  4. Yea, It will be nice to see the car go away. Truthfully I probably can still not afford to live here.

  5. Janette-and again and again

  6. Glad you liked the light box idea. Have fun with it.

  7. You're in the midst of some tough decisions. Your blog has shown that you're consistently the kind of person who thinks things through carefully, weighing all the pros and cons, and you're creative about finding options that work for you. You don't need our suggestions, so don't consider this a suggestion. It's just a comment: when I went to Spain to study, I went to an ancient college town where pupils had always roomed with local families. There were no college dorms in the 12th century! I would have loved to have had the option to live with someone like you! Is the possibility of boarding a local graduate student to bring in extra income, perhaps, one that might interest you? If so, you could check around with the local universities.

  8. Barb,

    What car did you get rid of? Do you still have a car? I'm sorry, but I think I missed something!



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