Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Musings-and Frustrations

As I sit in front of television here on Saturday night, I'm not sure who has me more frustrated.  First, there's the Olympic network of choice-who refuses to show anything of any import live.  With four separate NBC channels showing the olympics, they make us wait for 7 pm tape delay in order to see any important races or results.   It's a Saturday, and I'm sure their ratings would not suffer that much, if they gave those of us sitting at home the chance to see live sports.  Ratings above all else, I guess. On the other hand, there are the online news sources (including MSNBC), who blare their results at the top of the headline, so you cannot avoid it. Guess I need to change my default screen to a non news choice, at least temporarily.

In other news, I think (like other bloggers) I've hit my summer "wall". The best parts of living in Texas are the spring, early summer, and fall. I've been wearing flip flops since late February and have flowers in the ground and on the patio by the end of March at the latest. Now however, we are in the seventh inning stretch.  The weather is triple digits or close from now until the end of August.  All I can do in the yard is water when I'm allowed and take care of my patio plants.  I'm outside on the patio only for my early morning wake up beverage or to grill. Otherwise, there's no going outside except for the occasional rain shower-my patio is covered. This means that, like Bob over at Satisfying retirement, I spend a lot of time inside. It also means that many of my normal activities are not available. Festivals and fairs were in early summer, as were all the free concerts.  My dinner group is on break until September. This time of year, I watch TV. I go to the movies more often (early in the day). At home I'm moving at a slower speed and staying inside. I'm sewing, doing some inside organizing, doing even more reading than usual. Normally I leave the big state for a week or so in August, but this year I've put that off until September. Meanwhile, I force myself to work out in the pool first thing in the morning, and spend the rest of the time inside-keeping cool and keeping myself amused.  Whoever invented air conditioning-I thank you!!

I've started doing some very small scale catering (groups of twenty max) and have been asked to do something for next weekend. With our Texas weather, it will probably be all cold, except perhaps for the bread and appetizer. Tomato and watermelon salad with maple bourbon turkey breast. Bruchetta and individual angel food cakes for dessert. At this point I want to make money, but satisfaction and references are my primary goal.

My photographs are not at the level I would hope. I take photos for this blog, for my saleable listings, for lots of reasons. It's not the camera-I have a 5x zoom 14 pixel toy. It is, as the say, the operator. I've started experimenting (I'm in the process of making a large light box-inside which I will photo small items.  I think I need even more help.  I've increased my school course level to 12 hours (I know, I know). We'll see how things progress. If four art classes are too much, I promise I will hit the withdraw button, honestly. For now, I'll be studying ceramics, printmaking, and jewelry metals along with digital photography one.  Think that added to my schedule will keep me busy?  Me too.

In my experiencence every one has certain things they hate to do. This is true even if you like the primary activity. Some really good cooks hate chopping, for example. I hate the logistics of packing the car and getting it organizied. When it comes to quilting, I hate, I despise,I  cannot stand the cutting process. I dont mind basting, I dont mind sewing the binding.  This may well be because I have to sit down in order to rotary cut fabric.  In order to get the "bad stuff" out of the way all at one time, I tend to sit down and cut many projects at one time.  My first group of projects are "party sets". Depending on the holiday, these include sewn banners and swags, matching table toppers, coasters, and gift bags or treat bags.   The NFL sets will include cozies and coasters along with table stuff and the hanging banners.

As an artist, I am extremly visual (I realize that sounds like a double negative or some such). I am also illogical.  When it comes to sewing or quilting, most folks choose the pattern and then pick and choose the fabric and quilting pattern. I do just the opposite. I pick the fabric or art quilt materials and create around them.  I got an advance sample of this group of fabrics (which comes in a wide color range, only some are shown) in February. When my sister saw them she fell in love.  I've been trying to decide what to do with them.  I think I've decided-meaning these are next on the chopping block

I went to church this evening in the hope that the dogs will wake up my son insead of myself at six thirty am-I may not have children getting me out of bed, but the four legged beasts still manage.  Your kids grow up, you get rid of the babysitters, but you still have to come home and take care of the dogs. Such is life.

What is your weekend like?


  1. This is our first summer in Las Vegas and it is sweltering. Everyone keeps saying "wait til September you'll be glad you live here" we are waiting. Then I look at the 68 degree temps in Seattle and I realize I kind of dont mind the heat so much. I too am looking forward to my regular activities to resume like volksmarching and outdoor fairs.

  2. The 2nd batch of fabric is lovely!! Have you looked online for photography resources & classes? There are many free ones!! :) Perhaps I should do a basic post of simple photography tips? And I agree, yay for air conditioning!!! lol!

  3. Carla, if I wasnt going to school anyway I might be looking at other resources. HOnestly, I need more than simple photography at this point, especially with some of the msaller items and travel phtos. I get full financial aid for school, so Ill take advantage, lol

  4. My wife loves digital photography and uses a camera much like yours. It is a 10x zoom with 14 megapixels...a basic point and shoot with some manual options.

    What meets her creativity needs is the editing process. There isn't a picture she takes that she won't spend time adjusting how it looks.

    Besides the basic brightness and contrast or color balance stuff she can remove people or objects, change the color of individual elements in the picture, even adjust the perspective. She gets as much satisfaction as she once did from her oil paintings.

    Thanks for the mention, Barb. We actually had a little rain last night that knocked the temperature from 104 to 77 in an hour. A blessing!

  5. Bob, I think I may need to get a better editing program-right now I simply have the one that comes with my laptop-but I should be playing with that even more than I am. I also need to work on using natural ight a lot more with my quilts. We'll see what happens after my class

  6. Mmmmm, that menu sounds good! Do you cater in New York???

  7. Here in Fort Worth I spend the dog days fantasizing about moving to Washington or Oregon--or maybe New Mexico. --However, age and family here give me pause...

  8. Our best time of year is July to October, when the sun is more likely to come out.

    This year, not so "best". But I'm very bad in the heat, so I think the Pacific Northwest is the best place for me.

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