Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I'm Reading-And Other Summery Stuff

To follow up a previous post, I’m reading-a lot! I’m moving into the home stretch of my “summer”. While the heat will continue through September and October, the warmest Texas weather is generally in August. Since I return to school beginning the 27th, I consider that the natural end to my summer vacation-if you will. I’ll take my real vacation in September or the first week in October, even though it will mean missing two classes in each subject. Although I’m spending more time inside than I would like, all and all the days are flowing the way I prefer them to be-relaxed and on an even pace, but without boredom.

What am I reading?? Well, for my church book study in August, I am reading Twelve Steps to A Compassionate Life. Along with being a study guide, this is an attitude I feel strongly about and feel we see too little compassion in today’s culture. I’ve just begun the book, but I will let you know how it goes.

For more enterainment style reading,  I just finished the latest Alex Kava mystery and am about to begin the newest Kate Burkholder story.  Have you rever noticed how books seems to get released in seasonal "batches"?  In detective fiction at least, the next two months show almost all of my authors with new releases-From John Sanford to Lee Child.

I'm also reading a mish mash of other stuff-both fiction and non fiction.  I’m reading books on Pinterest (and how to use it as a marketing tool) as well as one on fabric painting. I have to miss my Thursday night book group, but the truth was I had not been able to get into the book. The reading for this month is Margarat Atwood's The Year of  the Flood and knew I was going to have difficulty. I have lots of other books on my list- and I am counting the days until the new Ken Follet historical novel hits the shelves. Oh, and I’ve also ordered (but not yet started) You, Staying Young. I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Oz on the screen, so we shall see what I feel about the book. Think these books will keep me busy for a few days?

Aside from reading-I’ve finally made a sample quilt block that I think I makes me happy. Heat or no, I’ve promised to both can blueberry pie filling and make a homemade lemon meringue pie (crust and all). I’ve used this inside time to get back on the coupon, discount deal wagon and use my extreme cheapskate skills to the max. Oh, and after living here for a few years, I’m finally going to Canton Trade days. You really have to check out the link to see what it is. I’ll be driving with my gourmet cooler to east Texas and spending the day-but I’ll be sure to leave most of my money at home!!

Hopefully I’ll have both pictures of my east Texas adventure as well as a book review when I post next. What are you up to on this very hot day?  I'm thinking
it's time for a slight change to this blog, so don't be surprised at what you find!


  1. Hmm, so by summer's end, you'll be younger, more compassionate, and know how to catch killers! Sounds like a plan to me!

  2. Grace, if only reading it alone could make it so, lol

  3. I hope you stick with The Year of the Flood - read Oryx and Crake first as YOTF is the sequel. MA is a wonderful writer but it does take time to read beautiful literature. I am waiting for the third novel in the sequence.
    (Try reading it slowly - dont race through it :0)


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