Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Woman's Purse

In the interests of full disclosure, this particular blog post will have more interested to my female readers.  Stereotypical as that may be..........

First, let me say that I really have turned into a "house hermit".  I was so happy go get home after my errands today (grocery shopping, fabric store, car fill up and the like). I understand that some people feel the need to schedule or spread out their errands to force themselves out of the house or take a break. I just don't fall into that group. Soon enough I will be forced out of the house, so meanwhile I'll take the lazy at home life. Fabric love photos will come later.

Carla's blog today was about purses, specifically about hers (and what is inside). She invited us to share, so here I go. First let me say that I am a purse you know what. I still remember when an online friend talked about having to go somewhere with her husband, and dreading to amuse herself, when she turned around and found a Coach outlet and a Krispy Kreme on the same corner. I know, you either love Krispy or hate Krispy. I am in the love camp, as long as they are warm. Anyway, it sounded like my idea of heaven.

This of course, is where I insert the official disclaimer: I buy (some) designer purses because I love them, not because they have a brand on the side. I like what I like and I know what I like.

These days, I'm post retirement. Gone is the day planner. However I'm a business person (kinda sorta), a student, and a person who likes casual, bright style.  To that end, this is my purse. It's a big bag by some standards, 14 inches by 19 inches (with six inches on the bottom).  But it has a zip outside pockets, six inner pockets, a key clip and a button closure (I hate zippers).  I can wash it if it gets dirty. Because it has so many pockets, I don't need so many little "containers".

What goes inside this gem?
  • My wallet-the long billfold style type (I probably should move down to something more compact, I could probably get by with a card holder since I don't put photos or cash in the thing-I got it when I was couponing and it has about ten different coupon/gift card dividers.
  • My kindle
  • My notebook/journal-a five by seven lined blank book from Barnes and noble or another place.
  • Pens and a thumbdrive for school (in one of the inside pockets)
  • Lipgloss, blush and heavy duty hand cream (in another of the inside pockets) thats my level of makeup, and I have very short hair that doesnt need a brush or comb during the day.
  • My cell phone (usually in the outside pocket not shown in the view above)
  • My keys (on a long keyring since I can lose them if they are not in front of me.)
  • My camera (in one of the six pockets)

Those are the basics. I also have room for file folders, a spiral notebook if I need it, and even a little art carrier such as my colored pencils or water colors.

It works for me.  Back tomorrow with fabric love, finished projects, school and travel plans.


  1. I find it funny how alike we are!! I hate going out & running this errand & that errand as well! My goal is to have ONE day a week when I do my running around...the rest of the week I get to be a homebody with my kids.

    Love your purse, sounds perfect! I have a big bag that I was soo blessed to receive from Debby (Nannys Pace) which holds ALL my stuff!! Love it for my busy days when I'm out & about!

  2. Love this bag! Such great color. With your sewing talents, I'll bet you could make bags like this to sell or to use yourself, or have you already done that?

  3. In a perfect world, meaning fat and calories didn't count, and my blood sugar never waivered, I'd eat Krispy Kremes every day. Alas, since the world is not perfect, I restrict myself to simply gazing at them from afar. :-)

  4. Like you I am in my hermet stage, would be happy to stay at home each and every day!! Can't wait to see what you found at the fabric store!!


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