Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being The Boss-Of Me!

I'm just a little low on sleep today!!

Yesterday evening, I had a relaxing dinner and watched some Olympics. As is my habit lately, by about ten thirty I was headed for bed-not to sleep, but to bed. I took my writing pad, my colored pencils, and my kindle and piled the pillows up. My intention was to sketch out my next quilt, and then drift off to sleep.  I did exactly that-only then I picked up the kindle beside me. I had just recently gotten a free book. In this case, the book was the first book in the Dana Stabenow Kate Shugak mystery series. As I mentioned, I am looking for new mystery authors (non historical or romance), and I wondered if this would fit the bill. So I "opened" the book, planning to read a few chapters and drift off to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I had finished the book, and the time was well past 2 in the morning.

That, my friends, is one of the many examples of the best part of retirement (or even semi retirement).  At least from my perspective.  I don't stay up every night reading.  There are nights when I do so though, and do so without guilt.  Most days (at least in the warm weather) I arise between six and seven, and hit the pool for an hour.  If I wake up feeling tired, or even lazy, I simply stay in bed.  Without guilt. 

This is not to say that things don't have to get done, even in retirement. At some point, there are plenty of wants and needs that ought to betaken care of. The difference is that in retirement, I (or we, for in terms of couples), get to decide the when, where, even the if. On a day to day basis, the absolutes for that particular day are pretty flexible. When we do have absolute commitments, they tend to be of our own choosing, and generally still within our control.

In the long run, I certainly have things I need to do. I also have stuff in my life that I WANT to do. I need to sew quilts and make greeting cards to sell. I need to do certain things around the house. I have an few out of the volunteer commitments (I consider most of these things both needs and wants). I WANT to plan for travel, visit with friends, swim in the pool, and do so many other things.

What I don't want is to have to do most of them at a specific time, on a specific day.  This means that over the long term, I have a very loose plan. On any day, however, I may throw the plan out.  I get to do that, because I am the one in charge. No longer do I (we) necessarily have to plan around kid's schedules or work commitments (although I still have to be home at night to feed the dogs). If we do something, it's because we choose to.  If not, the same is true-for the most part.

I did get up and hit the pool today, even after staying up half the night. The lure of being able to be outside for awhile before the temperature hit triple digits lured me. On the other hand, I had planned to make the top for a large Halloween quilt (this one for me) and list some more books and I have put that off for another day. Sewing through my finger again would not be a fun experience.  Instead, a nap and a thrift store trip are in my future today-and most likely a much earlier bedtime. 

 Tomorrow, I'll probably return to my sewing machine. I'll think about that trade days trip, plan to go to a local craft fair, and perhaps take some pictures of the joyful kissers at my local Chick Fil La.

Or perhaps I'll awake with an entirely different plan-who knows?


  1. I truly believe you've got the secret to retirement: Do something meaningful to you, but do it on your own terms and in your own time frame.

    But . . . I dunno how you stay up at night! I curl up in bed with a book, or my kindle, and I'm asleep in 20 minutes.

  2. Oh my gosh...I fought not sleeping continually. My husband and I discussed the "why" and "how" and "whatsit". It turned out I had two problems, well really three. My husband (1) and my cat(2) like my side of the bed. They both moved over. The third (3) was my kindle. The blue light from my kindle on my ipad must reset my sleep pattern. They say the blue light from computers and the TV screen will do that.

    I now have some self imposed rules:
    -I only read from a paper book or a magazine in bed.
    -I do not work in bed...writing, sewing or anything else that comes to mind.
    -I am sticking to my guns when it comes to my sleeping space. My husband even gave me permission to go get in the other bed if I need to. He also said it would not make him angry is I pushed and poked him until he moved/stopped snoring!

    It is really is wonderful. I don't need to nap in the middle of the day, I feel better and in good spirits. Sleep deprivation is a really bad thing!

    I loved your the end you are right. We must be the boss of ourselves!


    ps- I am tweeting this and sharing on my facebook account.

  3. I LOVE the Kateseries. I started reading them in Alaska and hunted high and low for all of them. I reread them every two years. I just get taken in by her style!

  4. Barbara, I should probably make it clear. I am not sleep deprived (I was at the beginning of my widwhood). I simply am a reader who starts a book and wants to read it through-Ive often done the same thing on the patio. Trust me, I often fall asleep for the whole night, and even on the couch. And for years I was a night owl who never got up before 9.

  5. Sightings, I was a nightowl for a lng time-I would stay up late and sleep until 9 or later. books dont put me to sleep. The tv, now, yes.

  6. Janette, I enjoyed the first series-I will probably find somewhere that they are listed in order and start down the pile.

  7. I love that mystery series. I have a few of her books in paperback, hardcover and on my Kobo. I don't evem know when or how I found them anymore. You will really enjoy each and everyone of them

  8. I love the retirement luxury of reading late and sleeping as long as I want to the next morning. One of my life's great blessings.


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