Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bruised But Unbowed-Quilting As A Contact Sport!

One of my goals (in between a little pre-fall organization, and chilling with my books), is to sew a quilt a day-at least the top. Not that I am sewing every day, mind you. But on the days I sew, I'm now trying to commit to finishing a top. I want to get some things in my shop as well as clear out some fabric so that I can buy more. So far, I've succeeded-at least partially.

Two issues stopped my completing my goals for today-first, I was rudely interrupted by myself (see below.) Second, I was stopped in my tracks by the realization that sometimes the sales person is right.  I did complete this table runner and the matching mug rugs, and it is ready to quilt-so, not ready today, but nearly done. The first of many projects with my new fabric. (note: a couple folks have emailed me. Yes, fellow sewers, I always turn rather than bind anything baby sized or smaller-I like the softer edge and have figured out how to make the corners "sharp".

I threw this quilt together quickly, and haven't yet decided whether it goes into my shop when done or if it's a keeper. Ignore the flapping in the breeze and wrinkles-I had to hang it to make a command decision. You see, all the dark gray fabric I have is in the quilt. When the nice lady at Quilt country asked me if I was sure i wouldn't like anther half yard, I blithely said "I think what I have will do".  Well, umm, not exactly. I do have two more small strips. So now I have to decide if I want to take the 20 minute drive to get more of this fabric for the borders, or leave it as it is and put something totally different on the sides and top. Such thinking requires it being in my living room where I can see it regularly in order to think about it for a day first. I think I'm going to quilt bats and ghosts on the top......................for quilters, it's just a yellow brick road with sashing.

I enjoy my sewing room, as do my dogs. Be it in the sewing room or my office, they love to sit at the window and see everything that goes by (all my windows start about six inches up and go most of the way to the top of the house). My sewing room faces the street also, and it would seem that while bunnies don't necessarily live there, they do walk around between the hedges and the house. Sometimes when we go out in the morning, there is one sleeping under the grill (or drinking the water in the bottom pan) and it's a race to see who will win-rabbit or dog. Wilson must have followed this particular bunny for half an hour-no barking mind you, just following it back and forth from side to side through the window. Such a challenge!!

Meanwhile, back to my bruising............. I sew sitting in a large "executive chair", with a high back. It's worth every penny I spent on it, believe me. By pulling up to the sewing table and using this chair, I have lots of back support an sewing is very comfortable (I wont show you the box of scraps underneath the table that I use to rest my leg on when I need to get the bad knee into that perfect position). Chair is set so that it doesn't "lean back" but remains upright for my support.  I do have to pull out to cut or iron, but its worth the work getting in and out of the chair.

 Folks,  I cannot tell you how many times I have sat in this chair and leaned over to pick something off the floor. Apparently, today I leaned in the wrong direction (over the side). In a matter of seconds, I was on the floor. My glasses were off, and the high back of the chair had, of all things, broken my light. I jammed a finger trying to stop myself, so after today I may not be typing (or cutting or binding) for a day or so. I'm not sure if you can see from the shaky photo, but this lamp is the kind where the lamp "shade" is part of the lamp. It cannot be taken off and replaced. Since all that is left on the lamp is a partial shard, it's leaving the house tonight. The edges are rough and I'm not taking a chance. Fortunately, It's not a big loss. I bought it a year ago at a yard sale for ten dollars, and frankly I don't use it that much. I rarely quilt or sew at night, because I prefer to work in natural light.

In other news, my son decided to take all paperbacks that we got for free to half priced books, just to see what their offer was. He expected to bring them home. He got $60.00 for four cartons of paperbacks. Who knew fantasy was so popular?

And the good news is that we have a high of ninety to day-moderate weather for Texas in August indeed. We also may have some thunderstorms. Good that it brings rain, bad that it interferes with yard sale weekend.

And now, I'm off to watch Jeopardy championship and ice my finger.


  1. Ouch! Hope you are back to sewing quickly! What did you decide about the quilt edging?

  2. Oh my gosh!! Hope you are better soon. Quilting can now be considered a sport right, maybe it will be added to the olympics next games!! Love all the quilting you are getting done. You are so smart to get your shop loaded up for the holidays that are right around the corner!

  3. juhli. I think I am going to get some more gray for around the will mean waiting tillnext week, but still..

  4. Debby-yes, I just must do the sewing stuff now...

  5. Ouch--I hope you are OK. Great title though...I just had to read the post after seeing that eye-catching title!


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