Saturday, August 11, 2012

I've Been Shopping-It's My Job!

Friday and Saturdays are my "work days" most of the year. I have two sources of part time income for retirement. The first is my quilting and sewing business.  The other part of my little income comes from buying stuff-and then reselling that same stuff.  Some times the stuff I sell is given to me freely, sometimes I have to go and search it out. The nature of this second income is that on Fridays and Saturdays I get up early and make the rounds.

While the days that I commit to this endeavor are fairly predictable (at least half the year) the end result is anything but. Some weeks my car comes home loaded. Some weeks I spend two days and come home with one or two things.  As my little "mini" on the side of my page shows, most of what I look for (and find) are books. My son is slowly establishing a book business on Amazon, and I sell vintage books on another site. Lately we have been gifted in the book department to some extent.  As with every gift though, this one is a double edged sword.  More about that below.  Overall, this was a wonderful weekend.  On Friday, a teacher was selling all of her supplies and resources. I acquired four unopened educational "toy sets" for two dollars each, which list on amazon, and a group of Cd's with the same result. Another garage sale yielded large hunks of cotton fabric for a dollar each. Add a few books and it was a pretty good day.

Today was another story. First, we got a free haul.  A woman who had had an estate sale last weekend decided she could handle no more, and advertised everything as free to go this morning. This experience showed me that I am definitely missing the killer instinct when it comes to this kind of thing. That said, the garage was full of boxes of books, mainly paperback and audio books. I also ended up with a box of vintage and sewing and knitting patterns. and a large Christmas tree and wreath. Later in the day I got a silver plate snowman platter for a dollar and a few other things including an antique cake carrier. All and all a good day. Note:  Normally we don't buy paperbacks to resell but these were free so all profit.

Unfortunately, as we extend our book business we're experiencing other sets of problems.  We've ended up with books that really need to be sold as "sets". This is difficult with our current Amazon store. Some are paperback series where the books were not sold as a set, yet are a set. Think the Nora Roberts wedding trilogy, historical fiction sets or fantasy sets. We've acquired some Readers Digest collectible classics (not the truncated versions), as well as some older fiction and non fiction series.  A store front is not a financial  option at this point.  This means cobbling together a plan.  Part of that plan will be listing some of our goodies here with prices, and linking them to Amazon when possible. Rather than have anything more formal, I'll probably have a weekly "good finds" listing perhaps list them under the "book business" page above for the week. We shall see, life is an experiment.

Meanwhile, another Christmas quilt is finished and awaiting the final quilting (this will be a table topper with coordinating coasters) and as I promised Debby, some pictures of my Christmas fabric love for this week. Coming soon, my efforts to get ready for fall school and travel!


  1. That's a great idea! Ive been thinking of some sort of side business and buying to resell is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You need to come to our annual library fundraising book sale -- some great bargains! (Seriously, we do get professional book sellers who come early and skim off the most valuable books, which I'm sure they resell at a pretty decent profit. They bring along their iPhones and iPads which connect them to websites, where they can instantly look up the current value of whatever book they find.)

    And they say books are dead. Hah! People luv 'em!

  3. Thats exactly what I do Tom..I have a scanner app on my phone from amazon and it tells me what lowest price is on amazon and other booksellings sites. My bread and butter is library sales.

  4. Yummm, love the Christmas fabric. Good luck with your selling, you have a ton of stuff!


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