Friday, August 24, 2012

Retirement Ramblings, Friday Edition

We made homemade pizza last night for the first time, and I can see doing so again. I would want to buy pre-made crusts and freeze them or make my own and par bake them before freezing. Especially when you have two people with divergent tastes, this is so the way to go. We actually ended up with four pizzas in one, using leftovers and mushrooms and mozzarella. I also have a little bit better idea as to where all the ingredients come from this way. My son did do the math on homemade vs store bought, but of course that doesn't include quality control.

The good news in the Dallas area is that we've had rain, which helps us all around. I'd already been using a soaker hose, because the nice foundation man told me to soak around the house and remove some trees and roots and see if the house came up at all in the sinking corner. If you don't live in an area with heavy clay, I really can't explain it. On the other hand, we are now in the epicenter of the worst West Nile outbreak in the history in this country. I've given up my morning swims because I would find dead bugs in the chlorine, and I've tried not to go out after dark. I don't want to get paranoid, but I should probably get some bug spray for when I go out.

I'm going to be dropping, or at least switching out some of my fall classes. My son gently reminded me today that school is a full time job-especially when you take classes that require many labs as I do. While my twenty year old may be able to party, go to school and work, that's not real life for the rest of us. I want to take a week and go see the leaves in Colorado. I'm committed to organizing a Habitat house build. That doesn't take into account sewing, or socializing doing stuff around the house or any of my normal activities. While I am aiming for a degree, I'm going to school for fun as well. I need to do it on my own time, no matter how long that takes.

I'm making an effort to work on projects and with materials I already have. My sewing room is full, and I want more fabric.  Awhile back I took a picture of every single unfinished object in my studio (be it quilts, paper projects, soap making, or beading). I refuse, refuse, refuse to admit how many pictures that was. I made this Christmas quilt last year (threw it together in a night) and then never finished it because I couldn't decide what to stitch on the top. Now that it's out in front of my, I'll probably put gingerbread men all over the top. And, since I make many large (bed sized) quilts, I often have extra blocks. I always hang on to them. This one will become a little table topper. Since I also save scraps, it will have coordinating coasters as well. Finished projects mean more gifts done, more space, and more money when the items sell. More space and more money means more fabric-it works for me.

As part of my end of summer organization, Ive been working on the ole budget. I hate the B word, believe me. However, I've been both bringing in money in cash and spending money in. Unfortunately I haven't been tracking said money. Since I'm working on a two year plan with realistic budgeting, I need to know exactly where everything goes, so I know how much expenses will actually lessen if I downsize. I've also budgeted for my $500 holiday, but I'll share more specifics about that.

I do have one last thought this evening-and it's just a thought or two, not a debate.  First, I would simply observe that in the rash of shootings these days, I've in no way seen how a responsible citizen carrying a gun would have either prevented any of these shootings, or lessened their damage. In fact, there were gun carriers at all the locations, and those guns did not help. Just a thought. And finally on this Friday night, I have to say it. What is illegitimate rape, any way?

And on that note, what do you folks have planned for this August weekend. A little football, anyone?


  1. It's hot in Arizona--spending the weekend with an early morning swim in the backyard then a day of making some bread and soup and reading.

    School: A while back I thought about going back for my masters would have been insanely expensive, and taken a WHOLE LOT OF TIME and added a whole lot of STRESS.. what was I thinking? I abandoned the idea and have finally just retired from nursing,Amen. I had to just let go of that "wish I had gotten the master degree" thought..things change, and I changed.

    I enjoy your blog!

    Pizza looks yummy..

  2. We love homemade pizza!! I let everyone pick out what they want then let our grandson help me put them together, we should do it more often, once the weather cools down. How SCARY that west nile virus is, stay in doors is the way to go. How fun that you are working on all the UFO's in your sewing room, I can so relate!!

  3. Barb, media coverage to the contrary, the rate of homicide today is actually lower than anything seen since 1960 and prior - 4.8 per 100,000 compared to 5.1 in 1960.

    I will admit I fail to understand the reason anyone would need to own rapid firing, assault type weapons, but I concur that it's the insanity of the person holding the weapon that has always been the real problem.

    And yes, I had the exact same response as you to the unbelievably ignorant comments of Mr. Akin's. Never in my lifetime have I felt such an overwhelming surge of misogyny as I feel now. Do you suppose it's push back resulting from so many women reaching educational and career highs equal to, or exceeding, those of men?

    Regardless, this is something women must refuse to allow to go unchallenged lest, God forbid, it continue to spread.

  4. Barb: I read today in the NY Times that the NY City police department has a 34% accuracy rate when shooting targets in the heat of the moment. And they are trained to work in such situations! I shudder to think how many more by-standers would have been hurt or killed if a bunch of heat-packing do-gooder citizens came to the "rescue" as well.

  5. Madeline, I go to school because I like it, not because i feel i need the degree (although I may end up with one). I really enjoy school-I just dont need fifteen hours of it at one time,

  6. What is full time for a Pell? 12 hours?

  7. Barb, I agree with all your comments.

  8. Glad you got some rain. We did too in Las Vegas (fortunately we don't have mosquitoes or West Nile which is pretty scary). And I have to agree with your son--I was amazed that my 20 year old brain could retain every single thing I read in college but my 40 year old brain just refused to so fewer classes are probably better.

  9. Janette, In theory I could drop down to six hours and they would cut the pell in half. but I should have made that decision long before I applied and accepted my aid (and I also get an unsubsidized loan). So for the next two days I am looking at stuff that requires less time at the school. if thats possible.

  10. Cash only..and the thing is that you can drop for antoher month but you can only ad until day one of class. So If I have to drop out later its not the end of the world.

  11. You alway write such a nice newsy post...I feel like I have read a letter from a friend.

    I am with shooting, not too much school and rain is always a good thing.

    Be well.



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