Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Football, I've missed you so...................

American football, that is. Fortunately my wait for real football is never as long and it's games seem ongoing. Nevertheless, I'm ready for some football this week and coming up, the NFL. Now, that I've said this, half of the folks reading this "get it", and the other half are scratching their heads. So without further ado here are some (non politically correct) reasons I love football season and a couple reasons I hate the stuff:

  • Nachos and Queso and beer. Or whatever your poison is. Nuff Said?
  • The new college playoff system-I think it stinks but it couldn't be worse than the BCS system so I'll give it a chance.
  • The fact that the whole college conference system got thrown up in the air and came down on its proverbial ear. Only time will tell if this was a very good thing or a very bad thing.
  • Sunday football forces/encourages me to follow my commitment to "do nothing" Sundays. At least that's what I tell myself.  Now, I'm not saying God wants me to watch football.  I did commit to doing only what was required on Sunday, cooking ahead and spending the day in rest and rejuvenation. For me, its much easier to avoid sewing, cleaning the bathroom, and so on with a football game and a book and snacks in front of me.
  • It's a chance to watch grown men men gossip, and gossip well. We women already know that men are the true gossipers of the world. All one has to do is watch the halftime and between game color announcers on Fox or CBS (especially Terry Bradshaw) to know the guys have this down to an art.
  • With a few exceptions, there are no guarantees. Anything can happen, and often does, just ask us Broncos fans. The worse guys in the league have been known to kick the rears of the best guys. Tthat okay guy who was a "sleeper" runs a ninety yard touchdown and you wonder where he came from.
  • Tim Tebow. Sometimes you want to laugh, sometimes you just want to go "huh??".  Either way he;s good for some amusement . Disclaimer here folks-I am a devout Christian who admire those religious people in football-including Aaron Rodgers. But I when I talk to God, be it to pray or thank, it's in private and it's personal. And I have to think that when you do that in public you both ask for the kind of discussions that abound and maybe even like them.
  • You get to see grown men do things that they would never consider doing anywhere but on a football field, from grabbing the "ahem" in front of him to doing a dance my child would be embarrassed to do in the end zone.
  • Finally, its a chance to not behave in the manner in which I was raised. Its a chance to yell and scream, call the players and umpires names, use inappropriate language and even throw things at the television.  All good releases, and all done in the privacy of my own home.
On the dark side?  If I say I live in Texas will that be enough? Not only that, but I live in the town that's been on the news, the one that built a high school stadium that seats eighteen thousand fans when they have five home games a year.  Welcome to Friday Night Lights, in spades.


  1. Love it! And yes, being from Texas you are absolutely fulfilling the stereotype, but that's A-OK!

    I fell in love with football in 1997 when I watched Favre take the Packers to victory over the Patriots. I've loved it ever since, suffering terribly those last few years of Favre's debacle, and am thrilled to pieces to have Aaron Rogers take up where Favre left off.

    We dropped all cable, and I was dreading it's absence only during football season, but guess what? The cable company took our DVR and HD away, but left our cable hookup, so we'll get to see all the football we want still for free!

    And I likewise love those halftime announcers. They can be a real hoot! But I still don't get having women on the field, and find it vastly annoying. To the best of my knowledge, women have never played professional football, so it smacks of forced tokenism. Maybe I'd change my mind if they got someone down there that genuinely had some on-camera charisma, but so far they've all left me cold.

  2. Replacement refs are likely for at least the first week's worth of NFL games. Look for lots of missed calls and upset players. It should make for interesting viewing.

    BTW, can the Arizona Cardinals go all season with no decent quarterback? We'll see. Kurt Warner, where are you?

  3. The best time of the year, Roll Tide!!

  4. I'm a native Texan, so football is in my blood. I was probably the only girl in my high school band who went back into the stands after halftime to watch the game instead of heading to the bathroom for gossip and primping. I got season tickets for the Cowboys when I moved back here in 1984 and held on to them for about 10 years. Nothing better than being in the stands, yelling and screaming with 50,000 of your closest friends LOL Gave them up with Jerry got a little too big for his britches and hypocritical for my tastes.

    Anyway, I do still follow them, just not as rapidly as I used to. I enjoy a well-played game, no matter who is playing, and Sunday afternoons are just designed for football on TV. And yes, I had to laugh at the new stadium in your area. My favorite saying applies here - some people got more money than sense.


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