Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Time? Where? When?

Folks, I want to thank everyone who responded to my shingles post. I apologize for not posting follow up comments as usual. I know sometimes its difficult to share even basic medical info. Research shows that my shingles vaccine will be one hundred per cent reimbursed and I plan to do that on Monday morning. I'll think more on the pneumonia vaccine and have my flu shot in November.

Meanwhile, I have a confession to make. Right now, my home looks as though it belongs on one of those "we're gonna clean and organize her house" shows. I exaggerate not. Without giving too much information, I just looked at my bathroom floor and stunned myself. There are halves of sandwich cookies sitting on my kitchen pass through I suspect, and empty glasses in my sewing room. Bags and boxes are everywhere and you need to clean a path. My sewing room looks, well, as if I threw everything up and let it come down where it would (which in essence I  did). In bed with me now are baskets of papers.................I could go on.

What's happened at my house is an intersection of quite a few things (in no particular order). First, I felt punky for a few days and did absolutely nothing. TV, books and the Internet were my friends. My son is a great cook, vacuums well and does the dishes every night. However, bless his heart, he does not put things away-his or mine. Were I to walk through the kitchen after he's done, jars are still on the counter and pans have been pulled from the dishwasher and left on the stove. In my experience some people are more observant about dirt, some about clutter. He is the former, I am the latter.

I'm slowly organizing and going through all the rooms. As often happens, it gets much worse before it gets much better (we are not talking a room in a day here).  Since I have the large master bedroom, my poor bedroom has become the staging area-oh joy! Piles of items to give away, put away or sell live side by side on the other side of the bed.

Our habitat project is in full swing, and I've taken on both the responsibility for the lunches each Friday through Sunday (organizing, not making), as well as volunteer recruitment. I'll write more about this in the next few days, but I've changed from a week to week volunteer to short term intensive projects in order to have more control over my retirement time. This is one of those intensive periods.

For the next two days, I am participating in an outdoor vintage and craft market. This will actually be only my second "fair". Most of my sales are online, or through word of mouth from one happy customer to another. This will be a new experience for me. My first problem was procratination. I tend to wait until  I'm almost down to the wire and the spend a day or so in the sewing room. my second problem was wavering.  Almost everything I do is a real quilt. Yes, occasionally I throw in a table runner, coaster/mug rug, or other gift type item. But quilts are what I "do".  Right now I have about ten quilts of varying sizes and perhaps four more partially done ready to go. I also have six or seven table runners, a wreath and a basket full of candle mats/table toppers. I even have four doll quilts.  Three days ago it occurred to me that perhaps, maybe,  I should have small (under ten dollar) items for quick purchase. So for the last two days I have been throwing fabrics, cutting them into piles and making myself crazy. Mass production in the extreme. This evening I looked at myself and said "self, you make quilts". So all those little projects remain on my sewing table. Who knows, after tomorrow I may come home and sew a basket full of coasters and drink cozies and the like-but for now I am where I am. (I've never seen the space before, but hope to show some pictures tomorrow).

Finally, the fact cannot be ignored:  I hate to clean. I hate to clean. I hate to clean and I'm not good at all. I hate to clean, I had a cleaning lady two days for ten years and-I hate to clean. I hate to clean, and before I had a cleaning lady my husband cleaned the house each week. Did I say I'm terrible at cleaning? I love most of the so called homakeing arts.  Even laundry. Even cooking everynight for picky eaters for twenty years. But I hate to clean (and did I mention I'm a terrible cleaning person?)

 Seriously folks, I can clean for a day. My thirty year old comes over and says  'I thought you were going to clean?" I'm the girl who vacuums the center of the room, while my daughter and late husband  (that cleaning guru) tip the furniture, and lift the cushions. THIS I expect, is why I pay attention to the clutter. But, even in retirement, the house has to get clean. I suppose this means that next week I will begin room by room-using my swiffers and dusting tools and cleaning wipes. And if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas..............................

Next week, I'll be back in retirement mode for most of the week-thank heavens!  I need a break!


  1. I like your comment about clean/clutter. My husband is way more concerned about clean, and clutter drives me nuts.

    I have had a housekeeper come every other week for the last 20 years. I still know how to clean but rarely do it. Now that our kids are grown and gone, every other week just about does it.

  2. Thinking a housekeeper may be in order for my place---but I love my travel money :>) Hate clutter, but dislike dusting and mopping. What is a girl to do?

  3. I hate cleaning as well. Tidy I do wonderfully, and tidy can fool a lot of people, but I know better.

    We likewise enjoy the relative luxury of a housecleaning service. I anticipate their coming, and relish the condition of my sparkling clean home when they leave. It never gets old.

    I also have to say I thrive on busy, I actually think we function better as humans when we are busy and productive. I do certainly enjoy my downtime, but the key for me is knowing when to say "enough" and get my move on again.

  4. I like the change in seasons on your blog. Very pretty.

    I'm with you on the "clutter" thing - it looks dirty even when it isn't.

  5. Janette-yep, its a conundrum. I dont think there's anything else I'm willing to give up so I guess I know who the housekeeper is, lol

  6. Linda, I expect if I was not a crazy creative type and/or did not have dogs life would be much easier. I am by nature a drop the purse and kick of the shoes at the front door eat in thel iving room kind of girl. At that to quilting and painting birdhouses and scrapbooking and two dogs and...............sigh

  7. While I'm not a big fan of cleaning, I LOVE the feeling of having a clean house. I don't have a house cleaner anymore since I retired and I think I've just figured out the trick.

    I used to do binge cleaning on days before or days that company was coming over. I feel happier with a clean house, but it's exhausting doing it all at once. So now I'm doing one cleaning thing a day. Yesterday I dusted, today I vacuumed, tomorrow I'll clean a bathroom. Now the house always looks good and I'm not overwhelmed by the task.

    I still do a little extra before guests come, but it doesn't take very long anymore.


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