Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday Drive-Paris Texas

Folks, bear with me again. Trying to get a fall feel to the blog and it may take a few tries to get it looking "perfect!  Please let me know what you think of the font size-do I need to make it larger for easy reading??? For some reason I think the font looks smaller in this layout, so I made it bold. Too much?

Last Friday was a beautiful Texas day. Although it started cool, eventually the heat would get up to ninety. As occasionally happens on beautiful days, I decided to hop in the car and take a drive for the day. In this case, I had seen an advertisement for an antique fair with barbecue and music.  Although my house is fairly contemporary I do enjoy looking at antiques and occasionally. I was also hoping to see some fall colors in nature, although I knew it was early for Texas.  I loaded up the car and drinks and headed for Paris, Texas.

For those movie aficionados, let me say here that Paris is in the  far eastern part of the state and the landscape looks nothing like that of the classic movie with Harry Dean Stanton (a must see, trust me). I have had little chance to explore eastern or northeast Texas, and this was a perfect chance. The drive, while lovely, included no fall colors. I will be visiting east Texas again, and actually plan on finally seeing that eastern Texas trade days town at the end of the month.

As often happens, my few hours in Paris were not enough, and I definitely would love to go back, perhaps for their pumpkin festival. While there I learned that Paris was a large cattle and farming center, at a crossroads for both the railroad and cattle drives to Oklahoma (imagine the film Red River).  While I did not visit the Eiffel tower shown here, I did enjoy the lovely downtown and square (surrounded by antique shops and restaurants) and the historic churches in the town.


I bought nary an antique, although  I did see some giant (read almost my height) antiqued iron  parrots on stands that would be lovely for my yard, and took a few business cards. However, I think I have a new love. While I probably will never drive an RV, should I ever decide to do craft fairs or festival out of my area in the next few years, one of these purchases will definitely be on my agenda. Absolutely adorable, fairly easy to drive (if all the women were being honest) and can be decorated to my heart's content. What's not to like??


 As always happens when I hop in the car, part of my trip included looking for the local quilt and craft places (both sales and supplies). In this case, I found a large quilt shop-so large it fills the entire inside of this partially gutted house.


This, plus the call of various festivals throughout the year insure that at some point I'll be taking another road trip to this town. For future planing, I met a wonderful vendor from New Braunfels who told me all about the German Christmas market in his hometown-a definite  destination in December.

Saturday morning was spent yard sailing. In addition to books for my son I spent two dollars for a lovely hand carved table stop wooden sleigh and horse-I'll use it for craft fair display and then put a flower arrangement inside.  Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing and watching fall football-somehow the back of one side of my neck is very sensitive and uncomfortable when I move my head (probably a residual of sitting the wrong way while driving home, although usually its not a problem). Dinner was our first dinner of the fall done in the slow cooker (beef stew with popovers)

Oh, and I also spent some time learning new things-now folks can purchase directly from my facebook page if they choose-isn't technology grand ?!?

Last night was a sleepless one until about two am.  We had thunder and lightening and a bit of hail. My beagle is totally freaked out by this and when we have such storms, nobody sleeps.  Since sleep wasn't handy, I threw this quilt top together (it still needs pressing and thread removal). How long before I get the thing quilted-who knows?


Today will be spent at home (I'll go to church during the week), resting my neck and working on Christmas table runners, mats and coasters. With, of course, some football and leftover stew thrown in!


  1. Love the trailer, absolutely love it. I have a thing for small spaces in general, but these tiny vintage trailers get me every time.

  2. The vintage trailers are so darn cute, how fun would it be to have one!! I love your new quilt top, looks like fall but with a fun happy twist


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