Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Well, it's looking more and more like fall is kinda, sorta, really here in north Texas.  Of course, nothing is ever a given. A week from yesterday is Halloween, and it could be eighty again for all I know.  Meanwhile though, we've had a real drop in weather (from eighty to sixty in a day) and it looks like it's time to really get ready for fall in Texas. Fall in Texas-where it ranges from sixty to seventy and fifty anything is considered "coat weather".

As if to welcome the season, my daughter arrived today with white chocolate, pumpkin cookies (with nuts and all kinds of other good things).  She says that they are much to cakey and that she needs to experiment with them. I of course, say that I am happy to be the family cookie tester. I still make intensely decorated sugar cookies and some Christmas specialties such as brown sugar short bread and cream wafers. Otherwise, she has taken over the cookie baton.  Pictures in the next missive.

Today I've mainly finished the transition to fall around the house, although I have a few more quilts and table cloths to pull.  The main area of my home (large living/family room and eat in kitchen in an open plan) has walls of soft green (living) and yellow (kitchen). Occasionally in the past couple of years I've thought about changing the paint and covering the green with cream. The only thing is, the colors of my house make it easy to change seasons by changing tones and hues and keeping the look of the house. My seated furniture is chocolate, my wood furniture is medium brown and my carpet is cream. I have accents of the yellows and greens with orange and peach and turqouise here and there. (As you can see, my mantel is not formal-along with the pumpkins and modern art coexist the pitcher from the town of Pilz and the ashes of Elvis the Beagle)

Rather than have lots of "decorations" I prefer to change the seasons with house decor-this means table decorations, table runners, pillows on the couches, candles and so on. In the summer I use lots of off white and bright yellows, for example. This time of year I've moved to orange and gold and a variety of greens in keeping with the house. So, I've changed the tablecloths and table runners, adjusted the pillow covers and grabbed the fall coasters and cocktail napkins.

Note: I rarely decorate the outside. There seem to be two thoughts on this. There are those who put a single pumpkin or Christmas decor item outside, and the folks that go all out. I tend to be one of the latter. This may be because I've always lived where I have a large back patio and often my living room has not faced the front yard-I decorate for me.

I've also added some silk flowers to the mix, some more professional and some more amateurish. I'll say right here that I'm a gourmet cook, a quilter, an artist, a scrapbook artist, and a painter. I could not arrange flowers if my life depended on it. I rely on cut flowers and choose plants based on  their colors.  About a month ago, I "bought out" a crafter's yard sale, on principle.  Among the goodies were four large bins of silk flowers, leaves, picks and accessories. I looked at said items for a week and realized that no, I was not going to add that to my repertoire. I promptly took them to one of my women's group buddies (who has made table top arrangements that have me in awe). Two weeks later at our next meeting, she had two beautiful wreaths for me (the one below is on my office wall), a wreath for our hostess and a table top arrangements. Somehow I still ended up with a few fall leaves and pine cones and so on. I have many small vases as I use them with flowers for decor. You can see my attempt at fall floral arranging.

Finally, no fall decor would be complete without some kind of homage to halloween. This candlestick was a dollar at a yard sale, as were the tombstones. Notice everything here was made by me or gotten for a dollar?  Had to get something frugal in here.  I could only find three candles. I wavered. I could change them to purple or orange, mix the purple and the white, or leave them as is. I think this way works perfectly. Now I just need a pumpkin on the front step. Real or fake?  Electric or candle?

Now that my house has that fall ambiance, its on to some fall food.  Bean soup and ham, with herbed popovers, anyone?



  1. Looks awesome!! I'm posting Halloween pics tomorrow! Looove your candles especially!!

  2. I like your decorations. Up here in the Northeast we've been in full fall mode for a couple of weeks now. Just the other day we looked around and said, "Gee what happened to all the leaves?" They were beautiful one day; gone the next. Yet it's still warm here . . . close to 70 yesterday and today. That might change if Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy gets here.


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